Toronto Raptors Video Honoring Women Backfires for Honoring Women?


The Toronto Raptors recently decided to get in on the Women’s History Month virtue-signaling and apparently failed to realize that you can’t just honor women because doing so isn’t inclusive enough.

Oh, I wish I were kidding.

After releasing a 13-second video on social media, the admittedly lame video must have triggered enough people that it was eventually deleted, and prompted an apology from the organization.

The video begins with the text, “Beyoncé said girls run the world. Why do you think that’s true?”

The video featured responses from three players.

Malachi Flynn: “They are the only one that can procreate.”

Precious Achiuwa: “They birth everybody.”

Scottie Barnes: “All women are great because they are queens.”

Is it cheesy and lame? Yes. But that’s not why they deleted it.

“We’re an organization that prides itself on doing the right thing when it comes to inclusion and representation, and we made a mistake [Tuesday],” the Raptors said in a statement. “Our sincerest apologies to our players, our staff and our fans — we’ll work to do better today and every day after.”

They deleted it because they had accidentally spoken an objective fact: that women are the ones who can give birth. And you can’t have that when the trans cult is going around telling everyone that men get pregnant, too.

This incident comes just as Hershey’s features a biological male in its women’s history month campaign. Imagine having to apologize for a video that acknowledges objective biological reality at the same time a chocolate company honors a man pretending to be a woman.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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