Tori Spelling Recalls Throwing Up on Past Date With Eddie Cibrian Before He Married LeAnn Rimes – JP


Tori Spelling latest date confession has us saying 90210MG.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum recently got candid about going on a date with Eddie Cibrian in her 20s, saying that the Take Two star asked if she could “get him an audition” on one of her late father’s—television producer Aaron Spelling—shows.

“So that always put a bad taste in my mouth,” Tori said on the May 1 episode of the ReWives with Bethenny Frankel podcast, per People. “But he’s a super seemingly nice guy. I have nothing against him aside from that, and we didn’t hit it off anyway.”

As the 49-year-old put it, “We weren’t a match, which was fine.”

However, that wasn’t the only hiccup during Tori and Eddie’s night out.

“We go to sit down and I’m looking at the menu, nervous, and then he says, ‘I’m not really hungry. You’re not hungry, are you?’ So, I was like, what do you say to that?” Tori recalled. “This hot young actor guy. I was like, ‘OK, sure.'”

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