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What Does a Mascara Primer Do?

Technically, you don’t need a pre-mascara primer, but it’s an extra step that can really elevate your lash game. Just like a foundation for your skin or a paint primer when you’re painting, eyelash primers can prepare your lashes for a smoother, more even mascara application. Not only that, they can add length and fullness to your lashes, while moisturizing and conditioning them. The white coat of the primer gives your lashes a stronger base to attach to, makes sure you’re getting a perfect amount of definition and separation, and can even extend the longevity of your mascara.

How Do You Use Mascara Primer?

Applying mascara primer is so so easy. Just start with clean, dry lashes, then curl an even white coat over your lashes from base to tip (as you would mascara). Wait about 10 to 20 seconds for it to dry, and then add your favorite mascara. The white coat will disappear and you’ll be left with popping lashes.

To achieve the lashes of your dreams, keep scrolling. These top rated and best-selling mascara primers will prep your lashes to the fullest, trust us.

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