Top 7 SCARY TRUTHS the CDC does NOT want you to know about Covid-19 “vaccines” and “boosters”


Some people call it the plandemic. Others call it the scamdemic. Either way, most of the deaths did not come from the “novel” virus, but rather the toxic mRNA spike prions that invaded the vascular system of several billion people across the globe.

Another quiet Holocaust that nobody seemed to recognize, well, except for the natural health enthusiasts, who know better than to trust anything pushed by Big Pharma, especially when it’s created in a criminal-run laboratory, then injected into the sheeple’s “muscle tissue” to “build immunity.”

Then came the wave of “misinformation,” which really meant that all the truth-tellers and the whistleblowers who let everyone else know what the so-called “vaccines” really do, were labeled conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers and misinformation terrorists.

Meanwhile, Big Pharma, Big Media and Social Media swung the wrecking balls, destroying popular opinion and spreading ALL the misinformation about how hundreds of millions of people, who all happened to get the Covid jabs, “died suddenly” (from vascular clots, heart attacks, strokes and turbo cancer).

The scary truths the CDC, FDA, WHO and globalist eugenicists do not want you to realize

#1. Covid jabs are likely responsible for the strange, white, long and fibrous “protein” clots found in mRNA-vaccinated people’s blood vessels, according to multiple embalmers over the past 3 years.

#2. Covid booster jabs impair your T-cells, blocking your body from fighting cancer and many other infections.

#3. Many deadly batches of China Flu jabs now found to be contaminated and deadly, according to evidence-based scientific research.

#4. Covid-19 mRNA vaccines never underwent adequate safety and toxicological testing in accordance with previously established scientific standards.

#5. Pharma’s favorite script-spewing puppet and quackcine shill, Dr. Paul Offit, who created the previously-most-dangerous vaccine ever, the Rotateq Rotavirus jab, also rejects Covid jabs with concerns over… wait for it… heart failure (you can’t make this stuff up).

#6. Half of all sheeple (naïve people) mRNA-vaccinated for Covid will continue making toxic, prion-mimicking spike proteins in their body forever, according to research out of the UK; in other words, half the vaxxed are literally walking bioweapons factories.

#7. COVID-19 vaccines have created a tri-fecta of deadly “alliance” that causes horrible, unpredictable and deadly side effects from the lethal combination of graphene, mRNA and nanotech.

A recent review of the Wuhan spike protein jabs, published in Clinical and Experimental Medicine, concluded that COVID-19 so-called “vaccination” increases one’s likelihood of suffering through a SARS-CoV-2 infection, plus, the booster shots were linked to higher levels of IgG4 antibodies, impairing the body’s ability to activate white blood cells.

In other words, the deadly clot shot jabs are also destroying the body’s natural defense against all kinds of infections and various types of cancer, including tumors. That’s what all the regulatory agencies fear most, is that people will find all of this out.

It’s Google, YouTube and Twitter that spread the misinformation, hiding the truth about the dangers of mRNA toxic stabs

When people look up this information online, 99 percent of them only find the misinformation spread by Google, Fakebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like. They’re brainwashed. Then there’s the TV and newspapers. They can’t find the truth anywhere online, and even if they do, their favorite websites and doctors call it “misinformation.”

Put it this way, if all the medical doctors in America explained to their patients, before they got the mRNA jabs, that the shots are STILL very experimental, nobody knows HOW LONG your tricked cells will keep producing millions of toxic spike protein prions, that they do NOT stay in your muscle tissue at the site of the injection, but spread throughout the vascular system, like a huge highway system of criminals, and invade your vital organs, clog your blood, clot your brain and strain the heart so bad you could “die unexpectedly,” nary a soul would get that jab.

In essence, that’s still not enough though, because the fear factor was wound up so badly that even healthy folks were terrified of the China Flu, even though it was no more “deadly” than the seasonal flu that goes around a few times a year. Got a fever and a sore throat? You might have the flu. Better stay home in bed and rest.

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on the Vaccine Holocaust and the long-term effect of the Nazi “gas chambers” now known as Long-Vax-Syndrome.

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