Tom MacDonald’s New ‘FIGHTER’ Song Explodes Up the Charts on iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon [VIDEO INSIDE]


Tom MacDonald who’s been telling truth through his music and enraging leftists for years has done it again with his new song that debuted Friday “Fighter.” This song is literally on fire, and its’ not what you’d expect from the hip hop star. It’s a new side of him, singing, and emotional, as well as inspirational. It may honestly be his best work yet. Check out this from Tom below, and the video!

We believe in supporting truth telling patriots here at The DC Patriot, so we’re proud to share Tom’s words, and his music. Go download it and support him, we already have! Tom’s new album will release on 11/18/22, make sure you are pre-ordering now!

What’s up everybody?

I can’t even tell you how excited I am for you guys to hear the new song “Fighter”.

Seriously, this is one of my favorite songs and videos I’ve ever made…and I know it’ll be alot of YOUR favorites too. A lot of people need this one.

We’ve done a TON of political music this year…but I’ve also done a TON of non-political music…and it’s time to show it to you. I love being controversial. I love being offensive. I love being political. But I also love HELPING people…and I promise you…after you listen to this song – YOU WILL FEEL POWERFUL. This one isn’t about pissing dorks off. It’s about empowering folks.

Stay tuned until the end of the video for a very special Easter egg.

As you guys know – SHARING THE VIDEO WILL HELP THE MOST BUTthere’s a HACK for blowing up a video on YouTube…COMMENTS! And lots of ’em. So please…spam the comment section on YouTube with “I’M A FIGHTER” or “I’M A BELIEVER” and lets send this one to the moon!!! Also – SHARE THIS VIDEO LIKE CRAZY!

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Don’t forget to download the song on iTunes or Amazon…I know its not political…but we have a HIT on our hands…I just need y’all to embrace it the same way that you’ve embraced my political songs in the past…and this might turn out to be our biggest song ever.

Alright…Im gonna jet. I REALLY hope this one finds the people who need it the most. If it helps you…if it makes you feel powerful…if it REMINDS you how to BELIEVE in yourself again…then my mission is accomplished.

This one is for you guys.

Love you all tons,



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