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TikTok Jumps on the Climate Censorship Bandwagon
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For some time, climate hysterics have been clamoring for censorship of any ideas that run counter to the narrative that anthropogenic climate change is real and dangerous, and can only be solved with the adoption of globalist and socialist policies. Evita Duffy-Alfonso, founder of the Chicago Thinker and a staff writer for The Federalist, recently shared her censorship experience at the hands of TikTok, which is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance.

Duffy-Alfonso, the daughter of former Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, recently made a TikTok video entitled “How will you resist the push to restrict freedom of movement?” A few days later, TikTok removed the video on the grounds that it was misinformation. The video can still be seen on Duffy-Alfonso’s Instagram.

According to TikTok, the video contained misinformation that could “cause significant harm to individuals or society, regardless of intent. Significant harm includes physical, psychological, societal harm and property damage.”

To be sure, Duffy-Alfonso’s video caused no such damage. It only questioned the obvious climate-cult tactic of restricting movement through “climate friendly” policies such as France’s ban on short-haul domestic flights. Dozens of other nations and cities are considering similar bans.

Duffy-Alfonso’s questioning of TikTok as to what exactly was false in her video yielded only silence. But the young journalist surmised the reason.

“This is probably because there isn’t anything false in my original video,” Duffy-Alfonso explained at The Federalist. “In the first half of my TikTok, I reported on indisputable truths, like the fact that France has banned short-haul domestic flights and that nearly 100 cities across the globe have a stated ‘target’ of limiting air travel to one short-haul return flight every three years per person by 2030.”

In Duffy-Alfonso’s opinion, it was a subsequent portion of her video that got it banned.

“Globalist jet-setters pretending to be environmentalists are producing fake doomsday climate predictions and spreading fear as a ploy to consolidate power,” she said in the video.

Certainly Duffy-Alfonso’s last sentence was challenging and her opinion, but it wasn’t misinformation — she had just brought up France’s short-haul flight ban, after all. In addition, she mentioned that the European Union is now considering its own short-haul flight ban, as well as the C40 Cities climate leadership group, which has as a goal of “Influencing the global agenda.” Not just the climate agenda, but the global agenda.

Much of Duffy-Alfonso’s information for the TikTok video was gleaned from her article at The Federalist, “Anti-Air Travel Climate Psychos Want To Abolish Freedom Of Movement.”

In that article, Duffy-Alfonso detailed the steps that the globalist climate cult has been taking in order to restrict the movements of everyday people. In addition to making flying unaffordable for all but the wealthy, she noted, they are pushing to get the common man out of personal vehicles by slowly mandating replacing gasoline-powered vehicles with the more expensive and less reliable electric variety. She also brought up the globalist push to make “15 minute cities,” so that no one will need to travel.

Unfortunately, Duffy-Alfonso’s experience with TikTok is not the only example of climate zealots censoring information they don’t like. In one example, climate zealots led by Michael Mann, who created the now-discredited “hockey stick” graph, which featured in Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Truth, recently badgered the European Physical Journal Plus into retracting a peer-reviewed study by Italian researchers finding that no climate crisis is “evident yet.”

The climate cult has also succeeded in getting Big Tech to censor climate information that runs counter to their approved narrative. Facebook routinely engages in soft censorship by attaching “fact checks” to posts that they claim spread “misinformation” about climate change.

Even Elon Musk’s X platform (formerly Twitter) has been accused of censoring climate information that runs contrary to the approved globalist narrative. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi, a climate realist, recently claimed: “Confirmation I am being censored on Twitter. Spoke with a friend of mine that follows me and always is wondering what I am thinking on a matter when it shows up, and he has not seen a tweet in a year.”

True scientific inquiry depends upon scientists being able to speak their minds. This is why climate science is so dependent upon censorship — the climate cult and their alleged science cannot stand up to true scrutiny.

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