This Viral 3-in-1 Charging Station Is The Perfect Gift for Your Whole List


A white combination light, speaker, and phone charger sit on a nightstand.

Gift shopping for acquaintances, co-workers, or white elephant events can get tricky. You might not know everyone well, but you still want people to receive a Christmas present they’ll use. Well, one viral find might be the answer for everyone on your list.

The viral 3-in-1 phone charger, speaker, and light that’s been blowing up on social media is a practical gift for everyone, and it’s on sale.

The combo tech product is by Ezvalo, and Instagram and TikTok content creators have been singing its praises online. It’s easy to see why. It’s ultra-sleek with its white glossy material, cylindrical speaker, and oval-shaped night light. While yes, those aesthetics are important to some (that’d be me), it’s also practical.

Those who have phones with wireless charging capabilities—be they Samsung or Apple—can simply place their smartphone on top of the platform to get a full charge overnight. Plus, it’s got up to a 10W charging speed, so you’ll phone will be ready in a flash.

Then, there’s the nightlight and speaker. With the speaker, you’ll get a clean, crisp sound despite its small size, and it’s got a 33-foot range for connection. Yes, it’ll work even as your phone is charging. As for the light, it’s not as bright as a traditional bedside lamp, but it does make a perfect nightlight with its warm glow that’ll allow you to see everything on your bedside table when you wake up in the middle of the night.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect white elephant gift, need a gift for a coworker, or just want this product for yourself, run—don’t walk—to Amazon to get your hands on it in time for Christmas.

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