This Stick Upgrade Solves Your Joy-Con Drift Problems


The Nintendo Switch is an excellent handheld gaming console, but it’s not without its share of problems. If you’re a die-hard gamer that loves the Switch, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced “Joy-Con drift,” where the joysticks are finicky. Luckily, one company has a solution.
Due to excessive or prolonged use, some gamers may notice the Switch thinks you’re touching the joysticks when you’re not. The physical components wear out over time. As a result, characters or game menus move on their own, which we all call “drift.”

Thankfully, GuliKit, a popular accessory manufacturer, has released its joystick replacements that shouldn’t ever have such a problem. They’re called the GuliKit Hall Effect Joysticks, which use a “Hall sensing contactless mechanism” that won’t wear out, and should prevent Joy-Con drift forever.
These little Joy-Con joystick replacements are only about $30, are 100% compatible without modifications, and you have to disassemble a few things and drop them in. Additionally, the company says these replacements feature low-power technology and use roughly 50% less battery than the originals. And while that won’t extend your gaming sessions by a ton, every little bit counts.
To make things even easier, you can watch an iFixit video to change them yourself right from home. This will definitely void your warranty, but it’ll be worth it for drift-free gameplay. Grab a pair now on Amazon from the link below.

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