‘Things white families do’: Woke K12 opposes positive activities, wants focus on ‘oppressive’ policies


It’s a day ending in ‘y’, so the Left is up to it’s usual nonsense: something perfectly normal, and beneficial, to children is somehow ‘racist’ and ‘oppressive.’ This one isn’t new, either. The Left has argued for years that the act of reading to your child is ‘unfairly disadvantaging’ other children (which was a way of saying it’s ‘racist’ to read to your kid). And now they’re just saying it boldly:

This is maddening, especially after COVID really took at-risk and disadvantaged kids and threw them of an educational cliff. UNICEF reports (emphasis added):

Children have lost basic numeracy and literacy skills. Globally, disruption to education has meant millions of children have significantly missed out on the academic learning they would have acquired if they had been in the classroom, with younger and more marginalized children facing the greatest loss.

  • In low- and middle-income countries, learning losses to school closures have left up to 70 per cent of 10-year-olds unable to read or understand a simple text, up from 53 per cent pre-pandemic.

Government and the teachers unions are to blame. And now this educator wants to focus in ‘oppressive and racist’ things instead of reading and writing and actual education.

Reading to your children has many advantages, including language development, emotional awareness and empathy, strengthening the parent-child bond.

And it’s not just reading that’s ‘something white people do’. Academics have argued that things like being on time, a ‘Protestant work ethic’, family structure, and the scientific method are all white supremacy.


This mentality is racist, as many pointed out:

We see this all the time from the Left: you are not responsible for your actions, someone else is to blame, and there is nothing you can do to better your situation except give the government more power.

‘Smiley faced racism’ is the perfect way to describe it.

A system that tells people this is not a system anyone — regardless of race — should be involved in.

This is exactly it. This mentality tells kids they can’t get better because the cards are stacked against them, and only government can help. It is, as mentioned above, ‘smiley faced racism.’


It is bigotry of low expectations. Full stop.

It is. Behavior and culture and cultural norms are vital. The Left seeks to undermine and destroy all of them because it weakens society, breaks down culture, and gives them more power and control. Evil doesn’t begin to cover this.

But a lot of not-sane people support it. And they’re in classrooms and the voting booth.

That’s how it always goes.

We’re not taking that bet, ’cause we’d lose.


Literacy is freedom and wealth, which is why the Left hates it.

Except for them, because we guarantee these people are doing everything in their power to improve the lives of their children, they just don’t want other people to have those same chances.

They treat Orwell and Huxley like instruction manuals, rather than the cautionary tales they are.

‘Harrison Bergeron’ is also a good cautionary tale, and the inevitable outcome of DEI nonsense.

We don’t know if there’s enough time to answer that question. But it can be summed up this way: they have no interest in educating children. Just using the children as a tool to advance their political agenda.

We are in a very, very bad place.

Read to your kids every chance you get. Make them read independently. Instill in them a love of literature and they will go far.

And don’t listen to ‘educators’ like this.


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