'The View' Warns Donald Trump: Don't Go After Hunter Biden at the Debate


In what could be the biggest moment of the campaign so far, Donald Trump and Joe Biden are set to square off in their first debate on Thursday. After years of speculation and doubt about whether such a meeting would take place, the current president proposed a highly controlled head-to-head on CNN featuring Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as moderators. 

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With that said, the intellectual titans of ‘The View’ have a warning for Trump: Don’t go after Hunter Biden. 

The discussion started with Joy Behar worrying that any mention of Biden’s now-convicted felon son would be a “trigger point” and possibly throw him off his game. Ana Navarro had words of assurance, though, claiming that any mention of Hunter Biden would backfire.

Behar then brought up her worry that Trump would criticize Hunter Biden. But Hostin kept faith in the president.

“I think Biden is a real statesman, and I think he will rise to that occasion,” she said. “And we know who Trump is. He’s a convicted felon.”

Navarro said it might be an unwise line of attack for the former president.

“You know something? If Donald Trump goes after Hunter Biden, he does it at his own peril,” she said. “It’s few American families that haven’t been touched by the scour [sic] of addiction, including the Trump family. He has a brother who died of addiction.”

Do you know why Navarro isn’t a “Republican political strategist” anymore? Because she was terrible at it, and her comment here is a continuation of that. The idea that most people feel sympathy for Hunter Biden due to his “addiction” is laughable. When most voters see the president’s son, they see a corrupt degenerate who abused his privilege throughout his life to grift people out of money, not pay his taxes, and do blow with hookers. 

Hunter Biden is not “just like us.” The Biden family is not just like any other American family. They are consummate government leeches who have enriched and empowered themselves on the backs of others while receiving preferential treatment for most of their lives. It wasn’t until one brave judge started asking questions that all that blew up decades after it began.

Laughably, you may recall that Navarro once described Biden family corruption as a story about a “father’s love.”

So should Trump bring up Hunter Biden and his father’s illicit dealings? The fact that Navarro is warning not to means he absolutely should. Democrats want Trump to abide by artificial boundaries. Instead, he should go scorched earth when it comes to topic choice. Temperamentally, the former president needs to remain calm and let Biden burn himself to the ground, but when it is time to speak, nothing should be off limits. That includes pointing out that the current president still hasn’t bothered to meet the five-year-old granddaughter he denied existed for four years. 

Biden’s biggest strength, at least in the minds of the press, is the idea that he’s an empathetic family man. That facade needs to be torn down, and there should be no double standard when it comes to airing dirty laundry.

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