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So I just read (11/4 – 10 am-ish) this post titled The True Cause of Failed Education in New Hampshire which argues that the “true cause” is the Chairman of the House Education Committee. Apparently, the Speaker has NO IDEA that Rick Ladd is a RINO … which I thought was COMMON KNOWLEDGE … and that Ladd routinely sides with the Democrats … which I also thought was COMMON KNOWLEDGE

GIVE ME A BREAK. Packard knows exactly what Ladd is and what Ladd is doing, AND Packard is NOT going to give a damn about how many readers of JP contact him to complain about Ladd. Packard, and his leadership team, are the problem. They are simply mini-me versions of Kevin McCarthy, John Boehner and Paul Ryan.

If the author wants to do something about it, then he needs to do what Matt Gaetz did. He needs to get rid of Packard and his ilk and replace them with real Republicans.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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