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The sexual revolution was marketed as the way to end the war on women, but the state of modern femininity points only to its failures.

Progressive feminists often scream, “THE FUTURE IS FEMALE!” hoping you’ll believe our society will get better the more power we give women. They don’t acknowledge the sad reality that their fates and sexuality were traded for the promise of a soul-sucking corporate job and an empty apartment where home and family should be.

During World War II, women were encouraged and rewarded to leave their homes to work in the manufacturing plants that kept the Allied forces winning. This ushered in a void that allowed the sexual revolution and its catastrophic effects on the relationship between the sexes.

When the men went off to war, the women were still home learning the art of caring for a family. They returned triumphantly only to find that a growing number of women no longer wanted a man’s leadership or guidance. Joining the workforce gave them the financial incentive to leave traditional life behind and support the sexual revolution, pushing women’s empowerment through their sexual exploitation. Women believed the lie that they’d be happier with sexual freedom than with a loving marriage. The reality is that the granddaughters of Rosie the Riveter are likely depressed, alone, and oversexed.

Like a moth to a flame, women pulled themselves out of the safety of marriage and into the volatility of a man’s world. Women aren’t meant to be where chastity and love are mocked. That much is obvious.

When women are asked to ignore their purpose, they suffer. The corporate ladder is the modern man’s battlefield. It’s where they find the ability to provide for their families. The women blessed with a family are stretched thin, constantly asked to perform more, but at least they have love. Without it, women are consumed by workplace hostility, leaving them isolated and fragile. All you have to do is look at the meme culture mocking how tired working women are all the time to know women aren’t thriving in this environment. Men find that the conflict is a motivator – the fuel that drives them to build wonders.

For decades, we’ve taught women that their value is in their sexuality or their ability to assume male stoicism. That capacity to heal has been slowly ripped away, leaving jaded, bitter women lashing out at anyone who doesn’t fall in line. While it’s heavily mocked in our society, women are blessed to be emotional. We have the ability to see suffering and soothe it. (ROOKE: If Men Are Really Serious About Saving America, They’ll Launch A War On Porn)

It’s not that women aren’t capable of running a company, hiring a competent workforce, or dealing with complicated issues. It’s that we were meant for a higher purpose. Nothing has a greater effect on our ability to function as a free and safe society than what mothers do for the next generation of leaders. Our world desperately needs good mothers, but modern women are too busy marching for the right to murder their babies to notice. Society should champion a movement to remind them that their purpose is to nurture, not neglect.

Mary Rooke is a reporter at the Daily Caller.


Mary Rooke | Daily Caller News Service

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