The New LEGO Roller Coaster Is Pretty Loopy


Screaming minifigs on the LEGO Loop Coaster.

LEGO just unveiled the next set in its Fairground Collection, the massive Loop Coaster. While not as large as the previous Creator Expert Roller Coaster, the Loop Coaster is 36 inches tall, features two loops, and has an elevator that you can motorize for an endless ride (with an add-on Technic Large Motor and Battery).

The Loop Coaster ain’t cheap—it costs a whopping $400, about $30 more than the last LEGO roller coaster. Still, it comes with a ton of stuff. There’s 11 minifigs with reversible faces, a park bench, a balloon cart, a pretzel cart, a hotdog stand, and a height marker. Oh, and there’s also the roller coaster.

The full LEGO Loop Coaster set on a table.

Loop Coster is comprised of 3,756 pieces, including yellow rails, a loading dock, a three-person coaster cart, and a “neon” accent that says “LOOP.”

Our only concern, aside from the fact that LEGO isn’t including the Technic Large Motor and Battery with this set, is that the elevator sounds kind of noisy. I guess the sound makes this coaster more realistic, but it still feels like an odd choice.

LEGO’s Loop Coaster launches for $400 on July 1st. At the time of writing, LEGO has not indicated whether VIP members will get early access.

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