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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Esmerelda’s secret pursuit of lepidopterology was imbuing her with the confidence to push back against Marjorie’s ravings about bundt cake every neighborhood puzzle night.

Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media are always prattling on about the superior popularity of their policies, despite the fact that the overall political landscape in America doesn’t really bear that out. Deep down, they all probably know that they’re full of it.

That’s one explanation for why do many Dem candidates have been reluctant to defend their leftist freak flags in debates this election cycle. There’s also the fact that, in the relatively short time that they’ve been completely in control of Washington again, the country has been swirling down the toilet.

Sideshow John Fetterman ran from Dr. Mehmet Oz for as long as he could in Pennsylvania but finally agreed to one debate on Oct. 25. Yes, everyone in the Keystone State is going to see that he is physically not up to the rigors of public office anymore. The thing is, Pennsylvanians will already have been casting ballots for a month by then thanks to the commie abomination of early voting.

Here in Arizona, Democrat Katie Hobbs is so afraid of Republican Kari Lake that she had Lake kicked out of one of her town hall events when she showed up to ask a question.

A couple of the debates that finally did happen recently didn’t go all that well for the Democrats.

Also here in my native state, Republican Blake Masters met Mark “I’M AN ASTRONAUT!” Kelly in their only debate. Here’s Schlichter’s take on how that went:

All the smart people told us that we need to write off Arizona because Blake is too, well, something to win. But even before the debate Tiny Mark, the guy who puts the “ass” in “astronaut,” was losing ground. Then he stood there on that debate stage – yes, he was standing up – as Blake loomed above him just pummeling him on the open border, on 87,000 new IRS agents, even on water rights. He labeled Miniature Mark as California’s third senator – ouch – and super-glued him to Biden.

As a well-placed Republican friend of mine in Washington said in response to the contest, “Peter Thiel doesn’t hire dummies,” referring to Masters’s mentor and former employer.

I’ve been quite the pessimist about this particular race for a long time. As I told my colleagues, I may not be optimistic just yet, but I’ve moved into the “He’s Got a Fighting Chance” column after Masters’s performance.

Last night in Ohio, veteran politician Tim Ryan met author J.D. Vance in their debate and it most certainly did not go as the Democrats had planned. Here’s part of Paula’s assessment:

I wasn’t sure what to expect in the debate between Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan and political newcomer J.D. Vance in the campaign for the open Senate seat in Ohio. Ryan, who has been in Congress for nearly 20 years, has decades of debates under his belt, so I wondered if Vance would be able to keep up. I needn’t have worried. Not only was Vance well prepared for the debate, but he landed blow after blow after blow against Ryan, portraying him as an out-of-touch liberal who takes his marching order from the radical left—at the expense of his constituents in the state’s Rust Belt. Ryan was stiff and angry and focused on personal attacks—always a sign of a candidate who believes he’s losing.

I haven’t watched the whole thing yet, but what I’ve seen so far was Vance delivering a complete beatdown to Ryan.

True, the Democrats don’t have anything to defend this year, but I remember being singularly unimpressed with Ryan’s debate skills during his brief 2020 presidential run.

It’s not just that the Democratic candidates out there are saddled with a toxic, Constitution-shredding lunatic in the White House, it’s also that this year’s field is perhaps one of the greatest collections of mediocrities in recent American political history. There’s a lot of talk about the Republicans running this year being extremists and a bunch of crazies (check out my latest “Worst of Times” column for more on that) but that’s just noise to cover for the fact that the Dems are running candidates who couldn’t lead in the best of times. The madness in the world right now requires some maverick personalities who haven’t been corrupted by being cogs in a political machine that’s breaking down.

If that’s crazy, then let’s party at the asylum.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

Tuesday not only means tacos but another trip to The Mailbag of Magnificence. We will begin with a quick note from Thomas:

Mail in ballot abuse won’t be ended until Republicans get as good at ballot harvesting as Democrats are.

Well, it would mostly be eliminated if it were done under the rules I laid out in yesterday’s Briefing. However, I do know personally of some Republican candidates who are avidly working on ballot harvesting this cycle. In places where it’s allowed without any restrictions, of course. Work with the rules you have, no matter how much you loathe them, I say.

Steve writes:

Mr. Kruiser-

If voting by mail is so ripe for fraud, somebody needs to do it – like
this: insert enough extra votes for a democrat candidate that every
single man, woman, child, and pet dog would have had to mail in a couple
thousand ballots each. Then sit back pop some popcorn.

One question about the morning briefing, which I do read every day. I
noticed that you have not included any links to the Babylon Bee lately.
Are they defunct, or no longer funny?

Thank you, a loyal reader.

Well done for thinking outside the box there.

As for the Bee, I don’t use them because they aren’t on Twitter anymore. Everything Isn’t Awful, Bee Me, and Kabana Gallery were always meant to be visual, not merely another link. When we embed a tweet, we’re covered legally on the use of the image in it without doing anything else. Hopefully, the Bee will make a return once Elon Musk takes full control of Twitter.

This is from Suzanne:

My coffee spewed from my mouth upon reading “Buried among the torrent of dreck, I found a bit of good news”. I haven’t heard that word, dreck, for a long time. My parents used it all the time. Brought back great memories. Thanks

I LOVE reading your column. You start my day with wisdom and a smile.

Thank you! Always nice to get a chuckle even when I’m being serious. That’s pretty much how I got into comedy in the first place.

Let’s wrap up with this from Chad:

Here is my application to get on the feds watch list.

Lauren Boebert had it right…. post-midterms but before Joe resigns, Kamala, not Joe, is impeached. If the VP is removed or resigns, any new VP would need to be appointed with a majority support of both (R?) houses. 

The VP’s impeachment would shine a spotlight on the border disaster.

The new (compromise?) VP could then invoke the 25th amendment. Even if there are not enough cabinet heads to concur, the process would be a good emergency brake on their agenda and put a spotlight on the president’s dementia.

If the ruling cabal opts to not appoint a new VP then the Speaker is the person that is one heartbeat away. And if the senate is still 50/50 with no VP, then no more craziness passes the senate.

And if the president is impeached or resigns…

Now we’re both on the list! Kidding, I probably already was.

Anyway, this is all very Game of Thrones, Chad. Not gonna lie: I dig it. If only we had some dragons too.

Let’s not explore a Red Wedding parallel. There’s probably a worse list for that.

Thanks as always to all who wrote. I’m going to work this week on some personal replies. Make sure to keep writing for Friday!

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