The Morning Briefing: Liberal Media Bias Is Alive and More Embarrassing Than Ever


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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Madame Prufrock preferred her fried cheese balls at room temperature and became irate at the mere mention of any dipping sauce.

We are going to finish the week with something that is both lighthearted and absurd.

I began writing about politics almost 22 years ago. My main focus when I started was liberal bias in the mainstream media. I didn’t intend for it to be my sole focus but, these two-plus decades later, it’s what I’ve written about the most. It’s kind of my thing. It would be nice if it didn’t have to be, but those people are awful, and I still like calling them out.

The way that the main players (The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc.) go about their bias has changed over the years. It’s always been prevalent, but it used to be more subtle. I’d would have fun figuring out new patterns and tricks, especially in the Times.

That all changed when His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack H. Obama became President of the United States.

The semi-secret relationship between the MSM and liberal bias came out into the open. The smitten kids in the White House press corps would positively gush whenever The Lightbringer would interact with them. They began dotting their i’s with hearts when jotting down notes about him. It was one nauseating public display of affection after another for eight years.

Since then, nobody in the MSM has bothered to hide the bias, despite the fact that they keep insisting that it doesn’t exist.

It’s really gotten weird with President LOLEightyonemillion in office. They have to prop up the mindless loon in the Oval Office, which must be exhausting. The more Biden obviously deteriorates, the more the flying monkeys in the mainstream media go out of their way to make it seem like he’s not.

Mr. Green wrote something yesterday that shows just how ridiculous it’s all gotten:

When Presidentish Joe Biden stages a “surprise” burger order as part of a political ploy to boast about the economy, what’s a respected newspaper to do?

Gush like a schoolgirl, apparently.

In his official capacity as an elected official who can’t even order lunch without making it political, Biden called a new local restaurant to order a burger with a side of braggadocio.

That’s right, they’re going nuts because Sir Sniffsalot ordered a hamburger. I loved the headline for the post, which had that trademark VodkaPundit snark: Biden Orders a Bacon Burger, Washington Post Wets Itself.

As with everything having to do with this kinda/sorta presidency, it gets weirder. More from VodkaPundit:

Indeed, but the most spot-on reply came from Invisible Constituent — a perfect handle in this case — who wrote, “Everyone should be insulted by how stupid this administration thinks you are. This tweet is so f***ing cringe.”

Everyone, that is, except for the Washington Post.

Food reporter Tim Carman had an 850-word puff piece ready to go for WaPo’s Wednesday morning edition.

I don’t exactly expect hard-hitting politico exposés from any paper’s food reporter, although maybe a little less gushing might be nice.

It matters not that this was written by the food reporter. We live in an age when this could just have easily been front page stuff written by an “investigative journalist.”

Leftist media hacks love writing about Biden doing everyday things. Of course, it’s all part of the “Let’s pretend his brain hasn’t left the building,” ruse.

They sincerely feel that the public is buying what they’re selling when it comes to Biden. It actually comes off feeling like they’re giving a slow kid a gold star on a refrigerator chart simply for accomplishing a mundane daily task.

“Look, Joey made potty all by himself!”

As I said in the headline, it’s embarrassing.

Hurry up, 2024.

Have a great weekend!

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

We’ve got some delightful and witty offerings in this week’s Mailbag. We will begin with this from Brice:

I hereby declare Jackson Lee to be a white supremacist if she doesn’t change her last name… which honors Stonewall Jackson and Robert E Lee… and change it to something more appropriate like Sheila Zedong Guevara

I never thought of that! Sheila Jackson Lee is basically a walking monument to all things Confederate. How does she look at herself in the mirror? Kidding, she probably doesn’t have any mirrors in her house.

Joseph writes:

While I don’t disagree on the GOP House majority being a driverless clown car, I would at least like to say that they can do no harm if they are not able to pass along more useless legislation to the Senate. I know we need a functioning government, right? Since when has that been a reality? The entire Congress of the U.S. has been in lets destroy Trump mode for as long as I can remember. The left has used this tactic as a way to pass more over the top spending than at any time in my many years on this planet. It’s like a bad magic show with smoke and mirrors that cost the audience trillions of dollars. I suppose the next chapter will be even more “investigations” into the opposing party, namely Biden and Pelosi. To what ends, I do not know. The so called Rhinos will only throw a monkey wrench into the works and it will continue to be swept under the rug for future generations to try and figure out.

Sorry for the length of my comment. I would once again like to say thanks for the daily laughs and insights into the circus we call the Federal Government. God Bless!

I am not at all opposed to gridlock on Capitol Hill. Heck, I’ve never met a government shutdown that I didn’t like. I do, however, think that the House Republicans should give the Democrats a taste of their own medicine and dole out some retribution when it comes to investigations and hearings. The 2024 Senate map looks very promising for the GOP (I never thought they were going to take it back last year). If the Republicans in the House are seen to be consistently playing hardball, it might give the Senate Dems pause when they ponder what potential life in the minorty could be like in 2025. That’s a big “might,” but worth a shot.

Thanks for reading and no worries about the length of the email!

This is from William:

I met my first self-described “tranny” in 1973. Until then, I had never heard the term used in connection with a person.

I’m old enough to remember when having trouble with your tranny meant a trip to the mechanic and not the relationship counselor — and, forget about the trouble you would have if you blew one.

Heh. We’ll just let the double entendre sit and marinate for a while.

I like this idea from Peter:

It’s time we start calling the AG Judy, in honor of the amazing song and dance number he’s constantly doing with the truth, dancing around it with his half-truths, obfuscations, and outright lies.  Unfortunately, his dance partner isn’t someone talented like Gene Kelly or Mickey Rooney, just the hacks in the media, so it’s both tyrannical and predictable.  

I heard Another Brick in the Wall recently and thought, we (the right, conservatives, Christians, whatever) OWN that song now.  You left grooming POS teachers, leave those kids the bleep alone!  We are the ones who believe in free speech. We are the party of the party now!  The left is a bunch of scolds and petty tyrants.

Yes! Leave those kids alone! They were talking about thought control in that song too. It’s sad how much that’s come true in public education here. (Book plug incoming…) I wrote about just that in Don’t Let the Hippies Shower.

Perry wrote this about my Harry and Meghan column:

Hi Stephen,

This will be real short.  But I laughed hard at “Archimund Codswallop Fitzyahztee”.  Best and funniest British name I’ve ever read!  If I ever, for some reason, become British and have more kids, I guarantee you one of them will be named this.

Keep up the great work!

You made my day with that, Perry. I was hoping someone would latch onto that line. The comments were mostly just complaining about the fact that I wrote the column at all. They seemed to have missed that I was just goofing around. Thanks!

Let’s wrap up with this one from Brian:

The only person who should ever receive a big toe monument is Sgt Hulka.

Thank you Mr. Kruiser for your morning briefings. I never miss them.

Thank you, Brian, both for reading the MB and for reminding me that I need to watch “Stripes” again. It’s been far too long. Uncle Hulka forever!

As always, I appreciate everyone who writes in, even the complainers!

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