The Morning Briefing: Happy New Year and Yes, Champagne Is a Food Group


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Happy New Year, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends!

We’ve got the same thing going on as last week: Quickies today and tomorrow, then we’ll get after 2024 in earnest. Many thanks to my friend and colleague Chris Queen for filling in for me at the end of last week so I could spend some extra time with my family. There will be another travel day this week, then we can all repair to the bunkers of our choosing to ride out what promises to be the insanity of 2024. 

As I said last week, there will be plenty of time for that. No need to rush headlong into the madness. 

I will be easing into 2024 with a family Polish food celebration, even though I’m visiting the Irish/Norwegian side of my family. Everything has to be a little weird with us. OK, a lot weird. All I know is that when someone says “pierogi,” I’m there. 

Here are a few of my resolutions for you, dear readers.

  1. Cogent conservative analysis balanced with irreverent humor. 
  2. Frequent haircuts. 
  3. Just enough judgement to let you know it’s me. 
  4. The occasional recipe swap.
  5. No epaulettes. 
  6. Just enough stretching to avoid injury. 
  7. Finally figuring out this Canada nonsense. 
  8. Two words: Smoked. Gouda.
  9. It’s about damn time we find a regular reader named “Butch.” Male or female. 
  10. Clamato comeback! 

There, we have a plan. 

Enjoy Day One. 

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I’m going to do a longer setup for the final video today. Tommy Smothers died last week. The first comedy album I ever listened to was The Smothers Brothers’ “Tour de Farce: American History and Other Unrelated Subjects.” It was recorded at The Ice House in Pasadena, a club I would play for the first time around 30 years later. I actually began my standup career as part of a team — they were a lot more common back then. It was an incredible way to learn and work on timing as a young comic. The Smothers Brothers had the sibling advantage, which made their timing next level. We’ll wrap up with two videos today. The “bonus track” is some entertaining goofiness from “Tour de Farce.” Enjoy, and Happy New Year. 

Las Vegas News Magazine

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