The Morning Briefing: GOP House Hearings Reveal Some Uncomfortable Truths for Dems


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Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Alara held some very strong opinions about the proper occasions for wearing her hand carved clogs with yoga pants.

When the Red Trickle Republican House majority took over at the beginning of the year, most of us on the right were skeptical that anything substantive would happen. The combination of the slimness of the majority and the protracted fight to elect a new speaker weren’t promising.

Obviously, there isn’t much that can be done with legislation, as everything the Republicans pass in the House will meet an unceremonious end in the Democrats’ Senate.

There are other ways to shake things up though, and McCarthy and Company have been busy doing just that.

We’ve spent a couple of days this week talking about Tucker Carlson’s revelations from the J6 surveillance video that Kevin McCarthy released. If that had been all that he’d done so far it would be significant. There were, however, a couple of hearings yesterday that were both revealing and infuriating.

Robert wrote a VIP post about some testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee which revealed that woke rules of engagement prevented snipers from taking out a jihadi bomber who would soon kill 13 Americans. This was during Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, which the administration and the media are still celebrating as a major victory.

That’s news that certainly would have been kept under the rug had the Democrats remained in charge of the House.

Matt wrote about some testimony at the COVID origins hearing that provided further vindication for all of us crazy rightwing nutjob conspiracy types:

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Robert Redfield testified during a House Oversight Committee hearing on the origins of COVID-19 on Wednesday. There, he explained why the global pandemic most likely resulted from a leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology rather than a natural spread to humans from animals.

You can read Redfield’s remarks in Matt’s post. Again, even though we’ve been proven right, all that we had to go through to get to this point because the Democrats have been lying about, well, everything, is maddening.

The amount of lying and delusion from Democrats is truly staggering. It’s important that the Republicans in the House keep shedding light on just how awful the Biden era Dems are. As we discussed yesterday, there won’t be any reckoning in the short term because the Justice Department is so corrupt at the top. A day of reckoning won’t come until there’s a regime change.

Another upside to all of this is watching the left media melt down and scramble for new false narratives with each revelation. They won’t be destroyed by this, but it does help in the ongoing battle to weaken them. It may not seem as if that’s happening but trust me, it is.

Let’s hope the House GOP keeps the sunshine coming and that, one day, some of these people will be wearing ill-fitting orange jumpsuits.

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