The Morning Briefing: Forget the GOP—It’s the Biden Chaos That’s Getting People Killed


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Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Eskalandria knew that it wouldn’t be long before her pastry meat rolls won over even the coldest hearts in candle making class.

Anyone on the right who has spent even a little time paying attention to mainstream media bias has probably noticed that it’s easy for the Democrats to issue marching orders to create a narrative. It happened again this past weekend after the horrific attack on Israel by Hamas. A theme began to emerge on Sunday — the United States might have problems immediately assisting Israel because there is no Speaker of the House of Representatives.

It’s nonsense, of course. My friend and colleague Jen Van Laar has a post over at RedState explaining why. The Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media desperately need to deflect and distract from the fact that the man who would be president — Joe Biden — is somewhat of a Hamas enabler.

Well, the people running the White House while Biden is Puppet in Chief are the real enablers. Biden is still the guy in the official portrait though, so we keep referring to him.

Robert explains the Biden connection:

For the sheer terror and bloodlust that was seen in numerous videos coming from Israel, we have one man to thank: Old Joe Biden.

Why is a major attack on Israel the fault of Old Joe? Because he is the jihad terrorists’ ATM. After the left’s Emmanuel Goldstein, Donald Trump, cut off funding to the Palestinians because of their ongoing practice of paying salaries to imprisoned jihad killers and their families, the Biden regime resumed that funding. What’s more, the primary source of funding for Hamas is none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran, which just happens to have received six billion dollars recently in Old Joe’s appalling hostage swap.

In exchange for all that money, Americans are going to see more of their fellow citizens taken hostage, as Iran now sees that taking hostages is a good way to get the idiots in Washington to pony up the dough.

Biden’s penchant for playing financial footsie with Iran is simply carrying on the work of his old boss, His High Holiness the Lightbringer Barack Obama. They’re both dumb enough to believe that there will be a net benefit for the United States when dealing with the monstrous regime in Tehran. There are a couple of reasons for that.

The first is that, except for a brief time after 9/11, Democrats have been apologists for Islamic terrorists. Whenever there is an obvious Islamic terror attack, prominent Democrats rush to tell us that we shouldn’t rush to judgement. Never mind the fact that “rush to judgement” is batting around .945 in the 20th century, we’re all supposed to ignore observable facts just like the Dems do.

The second reason dovetails with the first. Because they are reluctant to acknowledge who the real terrorists are, the Democrats busy themselves with concocting terrorist bogeymen who aren’t really terrorists. This is especially true since Biden was installed in the Oval Office. The Biden administration thinks that parents at school board meetings, Roman Catholics at Latin Masses, and, as we saw last week, Trump voters are terrorists.

We’ve discussed the myriad dangers that are pouring across the southern border because of Biden’s nightmare approach to handling it. There’s a real possibility that a significant number of Jihadi dangers are among them. They’ll go undetected because the FBI is hanging out in Catholic churches.

What does the domestic focus have to do with international Islamic terrorism, you ask?

Simple: it blinds the Biden administration to the real enemies. The actual bad guys are never the bad guys in their eyes.

Sure, Biden’s handlers eventually got him to make a statement, but everything else about how Team Joe has handled things shows where they’re really at. This is from something Ashley wrote on Saturday:

As someone who has written official statements on behalf of leaders for over a decade,  I can tell you that it is more than fair to say the White House Comms Shop dropped the ball in response to the violent and viral attacks on Israel.

A standard statement protocol should take under an hour, start to finish; seasoned professionals with a firm understanding of the situation and process can get it done in 30 minutes. The White House did not issue a statement until 11:08 a.m. ET on Saturday, Oct. 7 — 12 hours after the Israeli Defense Forces Twitter account let the world know the county was under attack, and 10 hours after there was no doubt there would be hundreds of casualties.

It gets even worse. This is from Katie over at Townhall:

President Joe Biden hosted a party for White House staff on Sunday night as countless Americans remain missing and held hostage by terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip. A number of Americans were killed by terrorists in attacks over the weekend.

Again, Biden is just continuing the legacy of his old boss:

We rightfully worry about the future of the Republic if Biden remains in power much longer. Of course, the fate of the free world hangs in the balance if the United States is compromised, and that’s never been more painfully apparent. Biden would be a weak American president even if he had all of his faculties. The bad actors of the world thrive when the U.S. president is weak. The extreme leftist bent of the people running his brain make Biden even weaker.

It’s guaranteed that all of the bad guys have been planning accordingly.

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