The Morning Briefing: Forget Hamas, the Feds Still Think We're the Bad Guys


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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Bertwyndecomb would not be denied his magisterial vision for the Tri-County Box Turtle Appreciation Society. 

The Democrats and their idiot cheerleaders in the media have long been known for exhibiting textbook cases of projection when accusing Republicans of almost anything. 

In my most recent column, I examine the new fever-pitch false narrative about the “alarm” that Donald Trump will end free elections and trample on civil rights if he returns to the presidency. Honestly, even if he did go that route, he would have a difficult time one-upping the current occupant of the White House. 

To anyone paying attention to reality, Joe Biden and his rogue goon squad Justice Department would prefer that half of the country be locked up. It’s easier to get an election to go their way if the voters who oppose them are legally indisposed. They’ve been working feverishly to make sure that the Republican frontrunner is legally unavailable, after all. 

In a time when our southern border is being besieged by various and sundry criminals and college campuses are overrun by protesters who support the most heinous terrorists in the world, it would be nice to think that the formerly trustworthy people at the Federal Bureau of Investigation were focused on some of them. Alas, this is the Biden FBI, and it is singularly focused on any threats to Democratic election victories. 

Catherine wrote yesterday about former FBI agent Steve Friend, who is now going public with what he knows about the priorities of the Bureau:

Friend is a former FBI agent, a fellow at the Center for Renewing America, and co-host of “American Radicals” podcast. He speaks truths the government would prefer to keep hidden on many platforms, including on Twitter/X.

His internal knowledge of the FBI and government bureaucracy led him to make a chilling comparison on Dec. 3. Hydra Host co-founder Aaron Ginn had noted, “The FBI went to great lengths to track down every grandma and grandpa associated with Jan 6th. In the last two months, we have terrorist sympathizers waving the Palestinian flag and wearing a keffiyeh in our streets and they do nothing.”

Why would that be? Friend had an answer. “The @FBI is wholly focused on targeting political conservatives and Christians for engaging in 1st Amendment protected activities. It is an intelligence gathering agency willing and able to inflict violence to deprive people of their freedom. The FBI is the KGB,” he said, referring to the former Soviet secret police/intelligence.

As the old saying goes, “It ain’t paranoia if it’s actually happening.” I’ve been writing about the Soviet vibe of the Biden DOJ almost since he was sworn in back in 2021. A lot of people thought I might be joking, but, sadly, here we are. They have been pretty awful so far, and we can only expect it to get worse as the election gets closer. Biden’s steady and obvious decline will only exacerbate it all. 

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it difficult to keep up with all the heinous domestic terrorist stuff that the Democrats say I’m purported to have been up to. I’ve lost count of how many grandmas I’m supposed to have pushed off of a cliff by now. Then there’s all of that blood on my hands from supporting the end of net neutrality and the Trump tax cuts. 

With my busy schedule, I really shouldn’t have time for any of that. 

Yes, now I am joking about it, but only to illustrate just how absurd the Democrats have become in their lust to permanently hang onto power. Of course, that blind lust and absurdity are what make them dangerous. Lunatics with badges and guns make for very unpleasant enemies, even when you’re not the one who decided that they were your enemies. 

Here’s more from Catherine about the aforementioned Soviet vibe:

One of Friend’s most disturbing revelations was how the FBI persecuted whistleblowers to ensure that it can hide its flagrant abuses from the American people. “One way to mitigate an insider threat is to train your employees to recognize some common behavioral indicators among their colleagues. See what our @CISAgov partners say you should look for,” FBI Columbia tweeted. But “insider threat” is code for someone who prioritizes the Constitution over the FBI. Friend explained, “The @FBI trains its employees to identify whistleblowers as ‘insider threats’ and target them for retaliation.” He knows that from personal experience.

This brings up the question of just how pervasive the rot inside the FBI is. Back in the halcyon days of not having completely lost faith in our institutions, many believed that the problem was only at the top. If they have successfully encouraged a “snitch on your colleagues” culture, then it seems to have spread.  

The Biden FBI’s obsessive focus on bad guys who aren’t really bad means that they’re missing a lot of what the real bad guys are up to. What the people who support the DOJ witch hunts don’t understand is that this makes them unsafe as well. 

Keep that border open and they’ll figure it out soon enough.

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