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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Lillibeth clings fiercely to the belief that she will one day give the keynote address at the annual Mayim Bialik Charity Wrestling Festival in Coeur d’Alene, ID.

The list of things to worry about here in the dystopian horror flick known as Joe Biden’s America keeps growing at an alarming rate. It can be disturbing to ponder the totality of it all; it’s best to break it off in pieces.

Or the occasional big chunk, which is what we will be exploring today.

One of the most disturbing things about this present slice of the 21st century here in the United States is that faith in our institutions is eroding and eroding quickly. Here on the right, we’ve been losing faith in the military, which was something that many thought wasn’t possible not too many years ago.

Wokeness in the military has been a creeping problem for a longer time than a lot of people know. Yes, it was happening before Joe Biden was, um, placed in office, but it’s gotten a lot worse in the past two years.

Robert wrote a lengthy post about the latest manifestation of our nation’s military woes:

According to a Sunday report from WTOV in Steubenville, Ohio, “in 2022, the U.S. Army fell 15,000 recruits short of its goal.” Francis Nwiah, captain and commander, U.S. Army Bridgeport Recruiting, said, “It’s a national security concern. We are struggling to get folks into the Army right now.” Nwiah blamed the Shanghai Sniffles: “We got hit by COVID, that affected our modus operandi and how we operate as recruiters.” He didn’t say anything about relentless Leftist indoctrination and the politicization of the military, however, and that’s more likely to be the problem.

It’s a real stretch blaming it all on COVID. We all know that the real negative impact COVID had on military staffing was that people who wouldn’t get vaccinated were let go.

The woke rot at the top of the U.S. military is pervasive and problematic. I have a lot of friends who are former and current military, all of whom are understandably proud of their service. Most advise young people not to serve now. That’s damning.

It is difficult to get a read on the extent that the wokeness has taken hold in the lower ranks, if it has at all. It would be nice to think that it hasn’t, and that there is hope that the future of our fighting forces isn’t condemned to those who prioritize everything but how to win a war. A war that we will probably be in sooner rather than later.

I’ve written more than once that Xi Jinping and the rest of his ChiCom horde must spend a lot of time laughing the Biden administration. Our pain is their entertainment. When someone in our Army says that we’re experiencing a “national security concern” because of our inability to recruit new people, you can bet that the news gets to Xi as soon as it does anyone here.

And then there are chuckles all around.

Robert’s article goes on to detail new efforts by the Army to revive moribund recruiting and his take on it is perfect:

To try to get the recruitment numbers back up, the Army is spending $117 million to dust off its 1980s slogan, “Be All You Can Be,” and that’s terrific, because the slogan has so much more resonance now than it did in the Reagan era. Now a male recruit may decide that he wants to be all that he can be by becoming a female recruit, and the Army (using your money, of course) will pay for surgery to reinforce his delusion.

They might also try running television ads with the slogan, “We transition more before 9 AM than most people do all day.”

The best we can hope for is that we don’t get into WWIII with the Woke Brigade leading the charge with Pride flags and apologizing for all of the toxic masculinity and systemic racism.

We can’t win a war when grooming is our primary weapon.

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