The Media Hates You. Quit Paying It for the Privilege.


I may sound like a bit of a poser here, but I’ve reached the blessed point in my life where I am old enough not to care about other people’s opinions. Years ago, we ditched TV. I keep one in my study that I turn on now and then to watch the news while I write, just to make sure that I am not missing anything of alleged import. But beyond that, sitcoms, game shows, sports, and reality TV don’t usually make it into our home.

I’ll admit that some people think we are weird, but to be honest, it saves a little money and doesn’t support a system that is designed to destroy people like me and probably you, too. I do have to confess that I did watch the last Super Bowl at our local restaurant/watering hole since I am from near Cincinnati and the Bengals were playing. That probably won’t happen again in my lifetime.

Although Disney has been outed as a leftist tool in recent years, if you spent any time watching it during the last decade, you know the company, along with the rest of the media, has been trash for some time now. And as it has solidified its alliance with left-wing political entities, its attacks have only become more brazen.

NewsBusters reports that the most recent episode of FBI Most Wanted, which airs on CBS, depicts the story of a female IRS employee who is raped by two coworkers at a conference in Florida. She becomes pregnant and, since she cannot get an abortion in Tennessee or Georgia, goes on a violent crime spree. She kills both of her assailants, first killing a black man before the white man, prompting the characters to assume that the culprit is a white, anti-government male. Of course. The woman even tries to perform a self-abortion out of trauma and desperation.

The main message here is that all unwanted pregnancies are the result of rape and that the pro-life movement promotes violence and crime. This is the same media that ignored Kermit Gosnell’s chamber of horrors, the film Gosnell aside. And this is the same media that promotes and glorifies the perversion, mutilation, and murder of children alongside unrestrained, unloving sexuality. Because a population that is focused on its wants is easier to control than one that exercises logic and reason.

While these shows are written and shot well in advance of their airdates, it is coincidental, to say the least, that this episode should air so soon after the FBI raided the home of a pro-life activist and took him into custody in front of his wife and children for a case about which he had already voluntarily asked to meet with agents to discuss. No, the two are probably not connected. But it is a sign that the media is so fully indoctrinated or indebted to left-wing policies and politicians that it can be counted on to faithfully and continually fulfill the woke mandate at any time or on any subject.

Ideally, artists should criticize everything. They should hold a mirror up to left and right alike to make everyone uncomfortable. Instead, artists, who are largely products of years of indoctrination and who have been deluded into thinking that they are the characters they portray, embrace lust, anarchy, and murder not only for money but to bolster their profiles and self-esteem.

Do you need Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime because they feature a few good programs? Do you need Disney+, ESPN, or any Disney product?

Years ago, when it was becoming increasingly obvious that Disney was in decline, I worked with a man who, despite the increasing wretchedness of the product, let his daughter watch the Disney Channel because she would throw a fit if she couldn’t. And besides, what harm could it do? It looks like the media is doing a great deal of harm, and it will leave no stone unturned and nothing unpolluted.

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