The Legislature Has Turned Toxic for the Nation's First Black, Muslim, Nonbinary State Lawmaker


What is that supposed to mean? “Let alone the first in Oklahoma”? The people of Oklahoma elected the first black, Muslim, nonbinary lawmaker, but according to the Washington Post, life has only gotten tougher for Mauree Turner since her election.

“And how, one day, they would reach their limit.”

The story’s behind a paywall, but we can imagine Turner is having a hard time of it with all of the anti-LGBTQ legislation coming out of Oklahoma.


Do to them.

The Washington Post is all in on the “they/them” pronouns, just like TIME Magazine was committed to using “he” to refer to a “man” who was having trouble getting an abortion in Florida.

The Biden administration is full of “firsts,” but we don’t think it’s reached this level of intersectionality yet. Regardless, the people of Oklahoma voted for this person to represent them, so they can’t be that oppressed.


Las Vegas News Magazine

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