The Left Ruins EVERYTHING: Updated Lyrics to 'Baby It's Cold Outside' Are Absolutely Cringeworthy


The Left ruins everything it touches. Like a reverse Midas touch, anything the Left gets its grubby paws on turns to garbage.

They have complained for years about the Dean Martin/Marilyn Maxwell tune ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’, calling it ‘date rape’ and ‘misogynistic’.

So they’ve redone the lyrics, and let John Legend and Kelly Clarkson tackle the updated, PC song for the modern listener.

And it’s terrible.

Take a look:

So many levels of cringe.

Ah, but according to the Left, she’s a woman with no agency and a victim of date rape. Because she had a drink.

Girl power! 

Or something.

The entire tone of the song has changed.

Guess the guy in this song doesn’t care if she catches pneumonia and dies.

Yeah. Can’t get her out of his house fast enough.


It’s so bad we actually feel embarrassed for them.

Like we said, the Left ruins everything.

So embarrassing. 

Garbage lyrics, courtesy the Left.

The Left has taken normal human interaction and turned it into some sort of transactional business deal. They’ve never flirted with anyone or met a normal person in their entire lives.

+1000 for the ‘Stranger Things’ reference.

And now this is who we picture waiting outside for her in the song.

This is what happens when you write a song that is meant to not ‘offend’ anyone.

Please share this list.

It is also creepy, on top of the cringe.

But will she feel safe driving with a man?!

Yeah, this is just a dumpster fire, isn’t it?

We are a post-context society.

That never ends well.

Like we said, everything the Left touches turns to trash. This song is no different. They don’t get the context of the original because they can’t discern context. So instead they write something that is even creepier and more insulting than the original and somehow think they’re the good guys here.

We’ll also point out that, for people who screech about ‘banned books’ (that aren’t really banned), they have no problem censoring and banning songs they don’t like.

We’ll stick with the original lyrics.


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