The ‘Kamala Harris of Canada’ weighs in on the 2SLGBTQI+ travel advisory


The other day we told you about how, in Canuckistan, they had issued a ‘2SLGBTQI+’ travel advisory for the United States because some states were acting to prohibit children from being sterilized. Of course there are several thing wrong with this. First, ‘2S’ stands for ‘two spirits’ which is apparently a real thing that members of the ‘party of science’ say with a straight face.  Second, they never seem to want to tell you what the plus means. Like, if you are saying you are dedicated to a group, shouldn’t you know what the parameters of the group is, to make sure that you are not including pedophiles and other groups you might not support? For instance, here’s what Princeton’s website says:

The acronym stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, and the + holds space for the expanding and new understanding of different parts of the very diverse gender and sexual identities.

So… pedophiles, right? Seriously, there is nothing on that website that says ‘but don’t worry, we are not including pedophiles.’

And really, the only limitations these days one think of are 1) laws saying you can’t sterilize a child or have men in women’s restrooms and 2) laws prohibiting perversions that the left at least pretends to oppose, like pedophilia or incest. So, is Canada upset about those limitations to the point that they are advising their citizens to avoid America? Or is this all a political stunt?

Rebel News wanted to find out about the logic of the travel advisory and in the process, discovered the Canuckistan version of Kamala Harris. Yes, really:

Seriously, we weren’t the only person who noticed.


Hey, Justin Trudeau has a history of wearing blackface…

… so it tracks.

The cut off text says:

You idiots have made words meaningless, desecrated core institutions. And now you have politicized and degraded travel advisories so that they mean nothing. 

You are truly a curse on Canada. You fit perfectly with @JustinTrudeau, and will leave a similar legacy of having stained, if not destroyed, our country.

For the record, she has no affiliation with this website.

At the very least, they need to narrow down the possibilities when including a +.

Several people what we didn’t include suggested that she looked like she was going to the restroom.

We tease Canadians, but we always judge a people separately from their ruling regime.



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