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By Chris Lott


I want to thank Speaker Pelosi and her political followers (on both sides of the aisle), Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Corporate America and many others for the great purge they are dragging us through. They sit in their echo chambers and collude with all that regurgitates their tripe and idealism. These overseers of the “little people” are drunk on power. Unwittingly, however, they have awakened tens of millions of Americans to freedoms and liberties lost and what that feels like. They have galvanized a silent majority resolve.

The rhetoric of impeachment/25th amendment to remove a sitting President with only a few days left of his presidency, silencing healthy conversations through intimidation by big tech oligarchs, ruining careers through terminations for a political belief and profiling 70+ million Americans as alt-right deplorable insurrectionists has pushed the limits of all that care about their country and freedoms.

We are not fooled by the great purge lie.

I don’t condone violence and certainly don’t condone storming the Capitol. I wonder though. There were thousands upon thousands of people attending a peaceful rally, and only a handful raided the building. If it were a real insurrection, the 100’s of thousands wouldn’t have held back, right? That didn’t happen of course. I digress.

Instantly, a rally cry to stop all conversations on election fraud transpired. Almost like it was planned? The real message became lost. The message that American’s no longer have faith in the election process and, more importantly, they don’t feel that their concerns are being heard. Unfortunately for the party that stole the election, this frustration is not going away. A galvanizing of the silent majority to be heard is building.

The great purge will be noteworthy for a time but as anyone that has been around a while know these things come and go. How many business leaders, politicians, tech venues have come and gone over the years.

The now not so silent majority, however, is here to stay. While these are stressful times for any law-abiding freedom loving concerned citizen, know this, they may have won a couple of battles but I assure you they will not win the war. We will not be silenced!

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