The Documentary That Was Banned Just Before The Election That Hillary Clinton Didn't Want You To See (Video)


Years ago, The Clinton Chronicles exposed the crimes of Bill and Hillary Clinton while he was governor of Arkansas.  However, just prior to the 2008 elections,  a film titled Hillary: The Movie was banned by a panel of three judges and sadly, the supreme Court didn’t overturn the decision but made the claim that corporations couldn’t be banned from making electioneering communications.  Since do corporations, as non-living, fictitious entities, have rights under the First Amendment?  Since we started practicing fascism.

Despite my desire to quote Wikipedia, they did give a simple, brief synopsis.

In December 2007, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. was filed at the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. A special three-judge panel (as specified in BCRA) sided with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) that under the McCain-Feingold Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, Hillary: The Movie could not be shown on television right before the 2008 Democratic primaries.[4]

Another provision in BCRA specified that constitutional appeals from the District Court must be immediately filed directly with the U.S. Supreme Court. Citizens United did so on August 18, 2008.[5] Oral arguments were heard on March 24, 2009;[6][7][8] a decision was expected sometime in the early summer months of 2009.[9]

In 2010 the Supreme Court ruled 5–4 that the spending limits in the McCain-Feingold Act were unconstitutional under the First Amendment, which allowed essentially unlimited independent expenditures by non-profit organizations.[10] Contrary to popular belief, the FEC still limits corporate campaign contributions.[11]

Here’s that film they tried to keep from the American people.

The Clinton Chronicles An Investigation into the Alleged Criminal Activities of Bill Clinton (1994)

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