THE DESTRUCTION OF POLAND: President Duda Vetos Spending Bill Over Tusk's Evisceration Of Public Opposition Media – JP


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Polish President Andrzjeg Duda today vetoed a bill by newly-minted Prime Minister Donald Tusk due to Tusk’s evisceration of public opposition media via an illegal process, according to Duda.

CDM/JP has focused over the last month, reporting from Warsaw directly, on the looming destruction of Christian Poland as the new coalition in power works to implement EU globalist policies of dependence on the state, mass immigration, and immorality.

PM Tusk is a mouthpiece for Brussels, and is not working for the people of Poland, similar to President Zelenskiy in Ukraine, and Biden in America.

A political goal cannot constitute an excuse for violating constitutional principles and the law. Therefore, in connection with today’s actions of the Minister of Culture regarding public media, I call on the Prime Minister @donaldtusk and the Council of Ministers to respect the Polish legal order. The entire Council of Ministers took the oath referred to in Art. 151 of the Constitution, committing in particular to be faithful to the provisions of the Constitution and other laws of the Republic of Poland, wrote President Andrzjeg on X.

I decided to veto the budget-related act for 2024, which includes PLN 3 billion for public media. There cannot be consent to this in view of the flagrant violation of the Constitution and the principles of a democratic state of law. Public media must first be repaired reliably and legally.

At the same time, I would like to inform you that after Christmas, I will immediately submit my own project to the Sejm, regarding, among others, raises for teachers and other expenses planned in the budget-related act. Due to the above, I call on the Speaker of the Sejm @szymon_holownia and the Speaker of the Senate @M_K_Blonska to urgently convene a meeting of both Houses in order to consider and adopt the project this year.

An attempt to finance public media using a budget-related act (by the parliamentary majority) is unacceptable in the current situation. In my bill, all other budget expenditures – including teacher salary increases – will be retained, he added.

The coming test will be to ascertain if the Tusk coalition has enough votes in parliament to override the veto. It is not likely.

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