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The Anti-Trump Movement Is Alive and Well in Florida

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Recently, a headline in my inbox caught my eye.

“There’s An Alignment of Interests for the Trump Alternative Between Team DeSantis and Team RFK,Jr.”

The author is insightful and street smart, and that is a valuable combination in this dangerous world. In this piece, his tone is factual, not conjecture

“There IS An Alignment of Interests…”

THIS may well be an explanation – dirty, scummy, immoral but an explanation – for the RPOF’s puzzling and sudden attack on a VERY successful conservative Judeo-Christian grassroots group several days ago. That attack may well be part of the “alignment of interests”

In case you missed that one, see “War of the Elephants” in the JP.

The author may not have known about the latest move by the RPOF, but it fits right in with his scenario.

Take down the little guys who support Trump.

That is a very direct part of the Globalist/Marxist playbook. The more I learn about the dirty undergarments of the RPOF over the years, the more I smell that playbook being acted out in Tallahassee. Or, maybe it’s the alcohol. It has been going on for quite a while.

Just a quick look back, to the first DeSantis election as Governor of Florida.

Voter registration forms began to be distributed to non-citizens at the edict of his state Dir. of Elections. Is that why we haven’t heard anything about that HIAS letter telling illegals to vote? Has that kind of thing always been part of his plan?

DeNewGov also immediately (2019) joined ERIC, the leftist organization that created a vast AI data base for use as phantom voters, under the auspices of voter role “management” That dirty club has been exposed long ago.

HB7050, his ”sweeping new election law”, made machine voting mandatory, drop boxes plentiful, and questioning/auditing election workers or election results essentially illegal. The only good part of it was to make voting by non-citizens a felony. THAT, however, was removed in March, 2024, by an Obama-appointed judge in the US Dist. Courts, SD. Of course. WHY HASN’T TALLAHASSEE FOUGHT AGAINST THAT?? More to the point, why have we heard nothing from DeSellout on that?

Then, one of DeGov’s worst scams on his constituents: SB 252, the “medical freedom” bill. Citizens and their legislators submitted a bill they’d drafted, which was rewritten behind closed doors and passed quickly thereafter. It was redone to include only “Covid” mandates – just eleven days before DC declared Covid officially cancelled, which had already been announced. SB252 does not cover any future health mandates form the WHO or DC. Nice, DeSkunk.

The DeSantis POTUS campaign is temporarily suspended but still intact and still VERY well funded, as we know. “That multinational group of interests that support DeSantis maintain a massive financial stake in opposition to President Trump.”

This possibility of an RFKJr./Ronnie D alliance would explain other things as well.

For instance, DeGov’s little breakfast meeting where he promised to raise money for Trump, but went no further. (See my “Breakfast At Ronnie’s” ) Was that also a cover, provided by his wealthy donors? Did they say they would chip in a few million to make their boy look good to the front-runner and his supporters. Remember, DeSantis had never – and now, MAY never – appear with Trump on the campaign trail. And, what’s a few million to those guys?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Then, there was the shake-up in party leadership while DeGov was home for Christmas, getting ready to pause his campaign. RPOF Chair at the time, Christian Ziegler, and his wife had become embroiled in a well-publicized marital infidelity (menage a trois) scandal in October, 2023. On December 17, Christian Ziegler was replaced with Evan Power, of the lobbyist group, Ramba.

Merry Christmas, friend. But your wife, apparently, is keeping her job…read on.

Ziegler’s wife, Bridgett, part of that three-way, has an interesting past. She was born and raised in Schaumberg, IL. She changed parties from “D” to “R” when she married Mr. Ziegler. Just thought I’d toss that one in.

Bridgette Ziegler, is active in FL school issues and a long-time member of the Sarasota School Board. “In June 2014, Governor Rick Scott appointed Ziegler to fill a vacancy on the Sarasota County School Board.[2] She was elected to a four-year term in November 2014 and reelected in 2018 and 2022.[4] Her candidacy was endorsed by Governor Ron DeSantis.[5][6]” says Wikipedia.

She is also a member of the New Reedy Creek Board, appointed by DeSantis from his inner circle, in Mar., 2023.

As of Dec. 13, 2023, she had refused to resign from the Sarasota School Board, when asked, and her picture still shows on the website. Her term ends in 2026. So, hubby’s out and she’s still in?

Ms. Ziegler is also a co-founder of Moms for Liberty, and was appointed to the Leadership Institute (LI) but asked to resign due to the scandalous publicity. I know Mort Blackwell, LI’s founder, and he would NOT put up with that garbage. He loved his wife all of their days together.

The news trail ends there. All seems quiet on the sneaky front, for the moment.

This scandal thing – two-way, three-way, consensual or not – pushes my “DISGUST” buttons big time. Marital infidelity is rampant in political circles and is covered up VERY successfully 99+% of the time. It is only allowed to surface when it becomes a useful tool for somebody’s agenda. Publicizing it is just another way to replace someone who won’t play ball, with someone who will. Especially, in this filthy ball game.

Remember the young conservative paraplegic super-star from NC, Madison Cawthorne, elected to Congress, only to be tossed for his supposed sex partying and other charges of impropriety in DC? “Propriety”? IN DC??? BS. They wanted him gone because he was not afraid to speak out. That was my read at the time, and I stick to it.

I don’t know if Christian Ziegler spoke out about things or questioned Tallahassee’s agenda. But his replacement, Evan Power, a friend of De Gov, might have promised to never question, and do whatever the Party wanted.

Forget what the people want.

It is just very curious, though, that the new Chr. of the RPOF, a personal choice of DeSantis’s, began his term, as Ramba, the lobbyist firm with which he is associated, lobbied for the far-leftist Harassment” bill (SB721) to silence any who question election procedures or results, AND for passage of HB359 which forbids hand-counting ballots.

This kind of “little stuff” can be tossed aside, until it starts to become a visible pile that begins to smell. That’s why I spent a few paragraphs on it.

Florida is beginning to really stink! And I thought the DC litter box was disgusting.

The leadership of the Judeo-Christian conservatives, was genuinely puzzled as to why the RPOF would suddenly try to shut them down. We may now KNOW.

DeSpite all of his deceptive dog and pony shows, where little Ronnie stands up and pontificates on whatever his handlers tell him that the public wants to hear, the reality is almost always different. The public only catches the truth on the rebound, if then. I’m just trying to keep you in the game.

The reason that they don’t WANT you to know, because they KNOW that you have the power to change their game. Never forget that!

The attack on a Judeo-Christian group for symbolry is BS and will only serve to strengthen Florida constituents who believe in our Constitution and its moral foundation. Tallahassee will soon have their phones, emails and “X” accounts set on fire by Floridians who are tired of wading in such a filthy litter box.

This is lawfare, pure and simple, and, like all the rest, is designed to depleat the resources of the defendant.

I refer to “DeShort one as “little”, not because of his physical stature, but for his moral code. He is a small man. He and his flock of merry cocks and chicks in Tallahassee look so far down on their constituents, they cannot begin to see their needs or wants. Whereas Rick Scott tried his best to stay in touch with those who reached out to him, DeSilent one never responds. Even to J6 families who have asked his help for 3 1/2 years.

Ron DeGlobalist would have been a valid candidate for POTUS in 2028, had not he shown us the cut of his Marxist jib.

Now, his life’s calling card reads, “traitor”.

Frankly, it is just as well that he did reveal himself now. There are still some who are fooled by the big grin and the rehearsed “Trumpish” hand-gestures.

Ron DeSantis has long been a little shrub in the Bush plantation. I contend that they bought and paid for him early, when they sent him to Yale, initiated him in to that secret society, paid for Harvard Law, and sent a pretty girl, now his wife, to meet him on that driving range. How else does a “blue collar boy from Jacksonville” (as he bills himself) get all that? Especially, the luck of landing a beautiful partner who knows and advises him on politics so well…. How did he get home from a cushy job in the JAG, try a dozen or so cases iin his own home state, then have the money to run for public office?? How did he GET that cushy job?

All roads point to long-time ownership by the Globalists.

If so, DeSantis has been their tool for all the years that his name has been a public figure. Remember, his voting record in Congress was nearly 90% for big business and against the little guy.

If this is all wrong, and he is not a possession of the power brokers, there must be something really wrong with the man. Who in their right mind chooses tyranny over freedom??

Just as RFK, Jr. revealed his permanent brain damage from an invasive brain worm years ago, I would wonder about Ronald DeSantis’s cerebellum – and that of all the others who have fallen for the Marxist’s destruction of society. What causes an otherwise sane person to choose totalitarianism over liberty and bounty?? Simple: the lust for money and power straight from the fallen angel himself. What else is there that causes people to work so actively to destroy freedom??

Most of America finds that sick and disgusting.

Or, did RFK, Jr. just come out to remind us of that worm again, now, so he can begin to work together with DeSantis? I’ll admit, conjecture in this crazy world can lead to fascinating places, but it all needs to be considered given the possible “Alignment”.

Inquiring minds MUST know.

If we don’t open our minds and question that which is right in front of us, our own brains will be subject to the rot of the Lib-otomized, where leftist messaging removes the capacity for logic.

There is NOTHING LOGICAL about totalitarianism.

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