The DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day March 16, 2023: ‘The Wacky Racers of 2024’ by Ben Garrison


Today’s cartoon of the day comes to us from the infamous cartoonist Ben Garrison over at and it’s another masterpiece.

The 2024 Wacky Racers Starting Lineup details a list of insane leftist and RINO (Republican in Name Only) candidates in the 2024 presidential election race.

The following is from

Pulling up to the starting line, we present the 2024 Presidential Candidates….so far. 

The New Age candidate, Marianne Williamson, might have more of a chance if her friend Oprah can supply her presidential campaign with many millions of dollars.

John Bolton is the quintessential NeoCon and war monger candidate. Another NeoCon, Mike Pompeo, might run, but he will be out-warred by the mustache.

“Hairdo” Gavin Newsom completely ruined what was the very prosperous state of California. Now he wants to repeat that accomplishment for the entire country. Reparations anyone?

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If the Swamp-dwelling Mike Pence runs, he might be in for surprise. All Trump supporters despise him for being the back-stabbing traitor that he is. Look for his campaign to proceed at a snail’s pace.

Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren might throw her Indian bonnet into the ring. It would be interesting if Kamala Harris also runs. It will be the battle of the Indians!

China Joe Biden was greatly aided by the millions Mark Zuckerberg donated to rig the election in his favor. Zuckerberg is good friends with China’s President Xi. Joe’s son Hunter Biden, is great friends with communist operatives in China who have made sure he has raked in billions of dollars in business deals. Joe gets his 10 percent. China controls Joe. Xi is driving Mr. Daisy brain.

Michelle Obama (Big Mike) has put on quite a bit of weight. Maybe by the time she’s elected she’ll even emulate the girth of Grover Cleveland or William Howard Taft. Michelle is ‘woke’ and that means if you are white, you’re racist—even if you vote for her/him.

Check out this amazing graphic below:

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