The DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day: ‘Could Be Worse. We Could Have A Run on the Banks. Too Late!’


Today’s DC Patriot Cartoon of the Day comes to us from the talented Goodwyn over at

The amazing picture shows a husband and wife at an newspaper machine, dispenser, not even sure what we call these anymore because the technology generation has gotten so lazy. The title says “Recession Looms” on the paper, to which the husband says “Could be worse. We could have a run on the banks.” The wife looking at lines around the block at a food bank responds with “too late.”

This sums up where America is headed under the leadership of the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and Chuch Schumer. Vote accordingly on November 8, and get America out of this nightmare.

Oh, and check out the great cartoon of the day below, and visit for more!

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