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Where, exactly, is it acceptable to have a team name like the Select Committee on the Weaponization of Feet? Why, the annual Capital Challenge foot race in Washington, a unique gathering of the three branches of government and the journalists who cover them.

Show Notes:

  • ‘Bipartisan bigwigs’ de-stress at 2023 ACLI Challenge
  • Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell eulogize Richard Lugar with Capital Challenge memories
  • Tillis Wants to Set the Record Straight on His 2017 ACLI Mishap
  • Congress runs (and puns fly) at 2021 ACLI Capital Challenge
  • In sweat-free summer, cash for charity dries up
  • At political road race, Rep. Jim Cooper eyes the finish line
  • Race results, goofy team names and other stuff on the ACLI’s race website

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