The Best Botched Transformations That Will Blow Your Mind


Transformed! Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif help patients look like their best selves on Botched. From noses to butts and everything in between, there have been some incredible transformations. It seems like every one of the seven seasons (so far) has featured even bigger and more unbelievable procedures than the last!

The Los Angeles-based doctors have an amazing track record when it comes to improving the lives (and looks) of their patients. The pair have a serious bromance that can result in playful teasing, but their chemistry makes the transformations even more fun to watch.


In addition to his practice, Dr. Dubrow is also helping others lose weight with his wife, Heather Dubrow. The reality duo founded The Dubrow Diet, which the TV surgeon called a “real game-changer.”

“At this stage of life, I can literally gain 14 pounds in 10 days,” he exclusively told Life & Style in February 2019. “You know how I know that? Because I just did over the holidays. And so, I said, ‘I am going right back on to the Dubrow diet,’ and in six days, I lost seven of [the pounds I had gained]. And that’s purely based on the rapid weight loss of this diet.”

Their weight loss strategy often gets compared to the Keto diet, but Heather explained a key difference. “Even though scientifically they work in kind of a similar way, the Dubrow Diet is … a lifestyle plan, it’s something that’s attainable and sustainable,” she noted. “That’s why we call it interval eating because we want you to eat.”

As for Dr. Nassif, he went from doctor to patient. The California native underwent a facelift procedure in 2018, and season 6 showed Dr. Dubrow reacting to his pal’s big change.

Although Dr. Nassif joked that he got the surgery done because he was getting teased by his professional partner, he admitted to Page Six that it was to tighten loose skin around his face after losing weight. “The excess skin, especially in my neck, was driving me crazy,” he explained.

Some people accused the doc of wanting to self-improve after his marriage to Brittany Pattakos, who is 28 years younger than him, in October 2019. “It’s something that I personally wanted to do for myself,” he noted. “It doesn’t matter if I am married to someone 105 or Brittany, I would have done it.”

These doctors may have a lot going on in their personal lives, but their patients are always the focus.

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of the most amazing transformations from the show!

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