The 10 Best Home Saunas That Bring the Spa Experience Right to You


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Saunas are hardly a new phenomenon. Actually, they were first invented in Finland thousands of years ago and have only gained popularity in the centuries since.

Most people find saunas incredibly relaxing, which is reason enough to try sauna bathing (or invest in the best home saunas). However, research shows saunas may have health benefits, too. According to a review of studies published in 2018, regular sauna bathing may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and neurocognitive diseases. It also may lower flu risk, prevent or treat headaches, and even treat some skin issues.

Infrared saunas are much newer. Invented by Japanese doctor Tadashi Ishikawa in 1965, infrared saunas have even more health benefits. Equipped with lamps that help warmth directly penetrate the skin, some people find them more comfortable than regular saunas: While regular saunas heat up to temperatures between 150 and 195 degrees Fahrenheit, infrared saunas typically heat to between 110 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Infrared sauna use is also linked to improved heart health, pain relief, looser muscles, and a lower risk of depression and anxiety. They can also help you get more sleep and improve your immune system.

The plethora of research highlighting the relaxing effects and physical health benefits of infrared saunas may have you wondering if you should invest in a home version. If so, here are the 10 best home saunas for you to consider. 

Sun Home Equinox 2-Person Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna, $6,299 (was $6,999) at Sun Home Saunas 

Courtesy of Sun Home Saunas

If you’re looking for a compact home sauna that delivers all the stunning mental and physical health benefits of an infrared sauna, look no further than this one. Named the best home sauna by Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, and more, there are a few reasons why this model is so popular.

This two-person, full-spectrum sauna uses high-output heaters to deliver the most powerful and effective infrared therapy in the industry. Designed with EMF/ELF-blocking technology and equipped with medical-grade chromotherapy, this sauna is expertly crafted with a 100% solid wood framework and tongue-in-groove boards.

You can easily adjust the climate setting of the Equinox sauna with a digital control panel, and it comes equipped with a built-in premium Bluetooth surround sound speaker. 

Heartwood Saunas Vapor, Price upon request at Heartwood Saunas 

Courtesy of Heartwood Saunas

For the ultimate cozy and luxurious experience, look no further than Heartwood’s Vapor Sauna. Seating up to four people, this sauna has five large double-sided windows with a glass door and stainless steel fixtures.

Fitted with a HUUM wood-fired electronic stove, this sauna features bench seating, an overhanging porch, subtle LED lighting and a green cedar shingle roof. With features like this, you won’t want to leave.

Majestic 75-inch Hemlock Fir Wood Sauna, $2,399 (was $2,779) at Lowe’s 

Courtesy of Lowe's

With six energy-efficient carbon heaters, this solid Hemlock wood sauna is easy to assemble and affordable, fitting up to three people. It’s equipped with an interior/exterior digital control pad, adjustable roof vents, and a chromotherapy lighting system.

With a 47-inch width and 75-inch height, the Majestic home sauna is a compact, cost-efficient pick. 

Sun Home Luminar 5-Person Full-Spectrum Sauna, $8,999 (was $9,699) at Sun Home Saunas 

Courtesy of Sun Home Saunas

If you want to expand your sauna experience to include a larger group, the five-person full-spectrum sauna from Sun Home is a great pick. Engineered for durability, this smart sauna is heat-treated with carbonized wood and equipped with 15 high-output heaters (10 full-spectrum and 5 FIR) positioned around the cabin for a luxurious, healing experience. Durable and aesthetically superior, this sauna is durable and weather-resistant.

HeatWave 4- to 5-Person Cedar Elite Premium Sauna, $5,085 at The Home Depot 

Courtesy of The Home Depot

Do you have a lot of space and a lot of people who like to sauna bathe? Look no further than this HeatWave sauna, which can fit up to five people. Made of 100% A-grade reforested Canadian cedar to optimize heat retention and infrared technology to ensure energy-efficient use, this sauna utilizes nine low-EMF carbon heaters.

With a built-in audio system that includes a USB port for your phone or mp3 player, you can adjust both audio and temperature using a touch LED screen. This sauna is also equipped with towel hooks and a magazine rack for your most relaxing experience ever. 

Thermowood Mini-Cube 2-Person Sauna, $4,999 at Redwood Outdoors 

Courtesy of Redwood Outdoors

A compact sauna perfect for smaller outdoor spaces, this sauna has a simple, elegant design and is easy to assemble. Made of heat-treated Scandinavian softwood, the two-person sauna is dimensionally stable, weather-resistant, and environmentally friendly. It’s also resistant to rot and fungi, so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out after a season or two.

The Thermowood mini-cube features a sleek, minimalist Scandinavian design that you’ll never get tired of looking at, making it an excellent aesthetic choice, too. It is one of the best home saunas outdoors.

The Rusticus 2-3 Person Indoor Sauna, From $5,056 at Renu Therapy

Courtesy of Renu Therapy

Made of rustic cedar and featuring stainless steel hardware, this two-to-three-person sauna can reach up to 195 degrees Fahrenheit in less than an hour. Equipped with soft LED lighting for a gentle glow and a relaxing vibe, this sauna is easy to set up and comes with pre-assembled wall and roof parts.

With one large upper bench and one small lower bench, you’ll love everything about this high-performance sauna. 

Audra 2-4 Person Canopy Barrel Sauna, $5,606 (was $9,291) at Almost Heaven 

Courtesy of Almost Heaven

With a unique and sleek circular shape constructed with rustic red cedar, this canopy-style barrel sauna will make an excellent addition to your home. With the ability to heat to temperatures up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, you can enjoy a traditional sauna experience with up to four people.

Complete with interior benches, this sauna has an efficient design and does require a simple DIY assembly. 

UltraLux Foldaway Sauna, $1,095 at UltraLux Health

Courtesy of UltraLux Health

For an ultra-lightweight sauna experience, opt for the UltraLux Foldaway Sauna, which is a full-spectrum infrared sauna that will heat up in just 30 minutes. This portable sauna can heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, with optimal infrared temperatures falling between 120 and 150 degrees.

Equipped with an organic bamboo chair and microfiber neck support, it doesn’t get more rejuvenating than this.

Nurecover Tropic Home Steam Sauna, From $349 at Nurecover 

Courtesy of Nurecover

For another best portable home sauna pick, look no further than the Nurecover Tropic Home, which is the best steam sauna option. With a space-saving corner design and 100% body coverage, it can accommodate a 6-foot-tall person and includes a foldable chair.

A fully portable, insulated wet steam sauna, this is a great choice if you live in a small space (or like to take your sauna with you everywhere you go).

Everyone wants something different from their home sauna experience. Whether you want to reap the many health benefits of an infrared sauna or you’re looking for something lightweight and portable, there’s something here for everyone. 


Are home saunas any good?

Yes, most home saunas—both infrared and traditional—use a lot of the same technology as what can be found in saunas in a spa, gym, or sauna park. But reading product descriptions closely can help you determine whether a sauna has the technology you’re looking for (such as infrared versus traditional sauna heaters), is the size you’re looking for, etc.

What is better than a sauna?

The benefits saunas offer are unique, so it’s hard to definitively say that anything is “better” than a sauna. However, if you don’t enjoy using a sauna, you can opt for an infrared blanket, red light therapy device, or steam room.

What are the disadvantages of a sauna room?

There are some risks to sauna use. Saunas can increase the risk of dehydration, so be sure to drink a lot of water beforehand. For those trying to get pregnant, sauna use may hinder sperm production in men. Additionally, people with certain health conditions such as asthma, heart disease, epilepsy, and high or low blood pressure should check with their doctor before using a sauna, as should pregnant women.

Which country has the best saunas?

Finland is where saunas were first invented thousands of years ago, and the country is still well-known for its sauna culture. However, the United States has a strong sauna culture too, with a variety of U.S. companies selling home saunas. Many gyms in the U.S. also have saunas, as do spas. Just make sure to do your research if you prefer an infrared sauna over a traditional sauna as some spas and sauna parks use infrared saunas and others use regular saunas.

Which is better: an infrared or traditional sauna?

This depends on what you’re looking for in terms of benefits. Thanks to heat lamps that penetrate the skin directly, there’s some evidence that infrared saunas can help with pain relief, loosen up muscles, and lower the risk of depression and anxiety. They also might help you sleep better, improve your immune system, and keep your heart healthy.

Traditional saunas, which have been around for much longer, also come with a handful of purported benefits—especially for your health. According to a review of studies, regular sauna bathing could reduce the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, and may help slow cognitive decline. They could also improve your immune system, prevent or treat headaches, and more. 

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