THANKS, TRUDEAU: Canadians forced to sacrifice food quality due to ever-increasing costs


In September, a group of a little over 5,000 Canadians were surveyed to find out how they are coping with rising food costs, and the results are fairly depressing. The polling was done by the Agri-Food Analytics Lab at Dalhousie University – in collaboration with Caddle, which is a cash-back program exclusively available in Canada to help try and save them a bit of money.

We here in the U.S. are no stranger to this ourselves under Democratic/Leftist economic policies, so we can certainly commiserate with our neighbors to the North. This writer in particular can personally attest to the dramatic increase in the cost of groceries for a family of 3 for a single week. It’s infuriating. Thanks, Biden.

Sylvain Charlebois, the director of the Agri-Food Analytics Lab, had this to say:

You’re basically forcing people to eat food that’s not necessarily desirable from a nutrition perspective … Clearly, more and more people are just prioritizing prices and food affordability over nutrition.

Naturally, this has some Canadian citizens concerned over the potential negative effects this will have on their long-term health. Which would be concerning for anyone considering that socialized medicine, like in Canada and the U.K., has been deeming who is simply too costly to treat and who isn’t. 


AKA the State is going to say that if your condition is too expensive to treat, you won’t receive treatment. But that’s another story.

Hey, it’s better than eating bugs. Something that simply is NOT going to happen.

Ok, that’s pretty funny. 

It must be really nice for the elites like Trudeau not to have to live (suffer) under the destructive policies that they implement. Nah, they reserve that for us peasants.


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