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On May 1, 2023, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launched an investigation of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Paxton’s investigation looked to determine if those pharmaceutical companies engaged in gain-of-function research and if they misrepresented the efficacy of their Covid-19 vaccines.

Paxton’s office announced today that he is suing Pfizer for misrepresenting its Covid-19 vaccine, which Pfizer claimed had a “95 percent efficacy” rate, and conspiring to censor public discourse. In the press release, Paxton wrote, “We are pursuing justice for the people of Texas, many of whom were coerced by tyrannical vaccine mandates to take a defective product sold by lies.”

Paxton wrote in the petition:

Pfizer repeatedly made material misrepresentations on at least four different dimensions related to vaccine efficacy: (1) the claim of broad “95% efficacy”; (2) claims related to vaccine efficacy against transmission; (3) claims related to the duration of vaccine protection; and (4) claims about the efficacy of the vaccine against variants, including specifically the Delta variant….

FDA’s review of the formal application also revealed significant safety concerns. Specifically, “FDA and CDC identified serious risks for myocarditis and pericarditis following administration of” Pfizer’s vaccine, including “some cases [that] required intensive care support….

One of the persons Pfizer sought to intimidate and silence was journalist Alex Berenson. Throughout early 2021, Berenson maintained a highly active Twitter page with hundreds of thousands of followers where he explained his findings and views concerning COVID19, Pfizer’s vaccine, and other related issues.”…

Indeed, it recently has been revealed that Pfizer had reason to know of the veracity of Berenson’s claims when he made them and that the company nonetheless plotted to silence Berenson and eliminate his speech from public discourse.

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