TDS Video: Violent Bicyclist Sets ‘Trump Won’ Yard Sign Ablaze


Last Updated on August 19, 2023

A violently anti-Trump bicyclist was caught on surveillance video in North Carolina kicking a “Trump Won” lawn sign that he passed on his bike ride, before later returning to the scene and lighting the sign on fire. The owner of the sign is offering a $1,000 reward to whoever can identify the assailant.

Security footage recorded over the course of several days in Raleigh, North Carolina shows a bicyclist, who appears to be an elderly white man, damaging and eventually destroying the “Trump Won” yard sign, returning day after day until the job was done.

Initially, on August 12th in broad daylight, the man can be seen on security footage pulling up to the “Trump Won” yard sign on his bicycle before kicking it several times and failing to actually inflict any damage, eventually riding off.

A few days later, on August 15th, security footage shows the man, outfitted in cycling chaps and a bicycle helmet, returning under the cover of darkness and setting the “Trump Won” yard sign on fire. Shots taken from the security camera the next morning show that the sign was completely burned, but was promptly replaced with another “Trump Won” banner.

Then, on August 18th (the date is mislabeled in the video), the bicyclist returned, once again outfitted in his bicycling gear, and set the new sign ablaze, completely destroying that one as well.

The sign’s owner, John Kane, has publicly released the security footage of the sign destruction and is offering a $1,000 reward to whoever can identify the assailant and bring him to justice.

“$1,000 reward for the ID of this arsonist,” Kane posted to X (Twitter), along with the aforementioned surveillance footage.

“Help me make him a felon,” wrote Kane.

Watch the video footage below: 

The burning of John Kane’s “Trump Won” sign doesn’t mark the first time that his property has fallen under attack by those apparently stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In the past, people have spray-painted Kane’s sign, but the burning marked a new low, he told National File.

Regardless, the community has come out in support of Kane and his sign, and some neighbors have even offered to replace it.

“I’ve had a handful of neighbors drop off identical signs that they bought, so I’d have extras,” Kane told National File, adding that even those he didn’t previously know are joining in on the effort, “just for them to say ‘I’m with you’.”

Kane has also received “a number of really supportive comments. I’ve gotten 2 or three handwritten notes from people saying how much they appreciate the sign,” he told National File.

“The sentiment is much more positive than negative, even here in Wake County, which is as blue as it can be,” says Kane.

More unsolicited support has come from Tim Pool and his show, Timcast, with Pool reposting the video of the sign burning after seeing it on Twitter and offering an additional $5,000 worth of reward money to whoever can identify the assailant and help bring him to justice.

The story of the sign burning has additional layers when it’s realized that John Kane, the man who owns the sign, is a grassroots America First Patriot who recently challenged RNC-backed NC GOP Chairman Michael Whatley for his seat atop the state GOP. In the process, Kane exposed the massive America Last corruption of that state’s party, which functions as an arm of Ronna Romney McDaniel and big-money national Republicans.

During and after the convention where Kane challenged Whatley, Kane exposed the NC GOP’s election chaos strategy and open corruption efforts which, of course, aided Whatley in clinging to power.

John Kane joined this reporter in a previous broadcast of “In The Trenches” on the Stew Peters Network to break down the situation.

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