SVP’s One Big Thing: Will Levis’ debut, Jets’ win mystify in NFL Week 8


It was a 14-game Sunday in the NFL.

The Cincinnati Bengals’ win over the San Francisco 49ers feels like a significant result for both. Joe Burrow played like the QB we all expect him to be, and the Bengals’ defense was excellent.

The question which grows louder, as this is now three consecutive losses in a row for Brock Purdy and the Niners: Is THIS who he really is? It’s the first turbulence of his career. They have a three-week stretch coming with games against the division-leading Seattle Seahawks sandwiched around a trip to the Philadelphia Eagles. Answers about Purdy and the 49ers to come.

Whatever you think of Kirk Cousins — and whatever any of us not in the Minnesota Vikings’ locker room think of him — the way he’s revered by that team was evident after they lost him presumably for the season with an Achilles injury. Vikings safety Harrison Smith, in trying to explain what Cousins meant to their team, told The Athletic, “I can’t describe it, you really have to experience it to know.”

We talked about this last week on “Monday Night Countdown.” If Minnesota beat San Francisco, the schedule opened up and it could go on a run. Now? Not sure what the Vikings do.

On the list of most ridiculous things of the season, the Denver Broncos, who gave up 70 points to the Miami Dolphins, gave up just nine to Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs as they beat him for the first time since he’s been Kansas City’s QB. Whatever Mahomes’ health situation was, credit the defense of the Broncos for making him look unlike himself. They got after him all day long.

Whatever A.J. Brown was yelling at Jalen Hurts on the sidelines in Week 2, he was right. If he was saying just throw me the ball, no matter what … he’s right. Brown is “uncoverable” at the moment and is on the list of people who don’t have to leave the pool when they blow the whistle for adult swim. He’s on an absolute bender — the first to top 125 receiving yards in six consecutive games.

Tennessee Titans QB Will Levis, who waited quite a while for his name to be called at the NFL draft and then to get a shot, made the most of it in a historic way. Levis had four touchdowns in his debut, unlocking the DeAndre Hopkins cheat code (it also marked the receiver’s first touchdown with Tennessee). On a day when 13 backup QBs played (and six started and looked a mess), Levis looked like the guy whose potential had him being discussed as a first-rounder.

Finally, the New York Jets are 4-3. How? I have no earthly idea. The game they played Sunday against the New York Giants should never be spoken of again and won’t on this show from this point forward.

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