Supreme Court Asked in Emergency Application to Lift Air Travel Mask Mandate – JP


A passenger prevented from boarding a Southwest Airlines flight has filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court seeking a preliminary injunction against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over its mandate requiring travelers to wear face coverings.

“This is an authoritarian policy that has no basis in law and has to come to an end,” Washington resident Lucas Wall told The Epoch Times in an interview.

Wall is fully vaccinated, but says he refuses to wear a face covering because doing so precipitates a feeling of panic and claustrophobia.

“I’ve been stranded at my mother’s in Florida because I don’t own a car, and I rely solely on public transportation. And I’ve essentially been banned from every single mode of public transportation,” Wall said. “But I’ve been hearing from hundreds of other Americans who are in the same boat where they have medical conditions, whereby they cannot tolerate wearing a mask, and they have been thrown off planes.

“There are probably tens of millions of Americans such as myself, who can’t or won’t wear a face mask for various medical and other reasons, who are essentially banned for using all forms of public transportation anywhere in the country right now because of this overzealous and illegal federal transportation mask mandate.” – READ MORE

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