Supermodel Kathy Ireland Was Told That Pro-Life Advocacy Would ‘Kill Your Career’


If you want to have a short shelf-life in the entertainment industry, all you need to do is announce to the world that you are not in favor of murdering a child while it is still in the womb. Before you know it, your name is added to a blacklist (which many liberals deny exists, but we all know better), and you never get another gig again, fading into the thick, black nothingness of obscurity. Or that’s what the leftists who run things want you to believe. 

And that’s precisely what former supermodel Kathy Ireland reveals she was told in a new interview with pro-life activist Lila Rose. Ireland, who made a name for herself as the object of desire for every teenage boy in the 1990s when she posed for multiple Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues, took that early success and funneled into a company worth billions of dollars known as kathy ireland Worldwide or kiWW, and is considered to be one of the richest former models in the world. 

According to the Daily Wire, when she was at the height of her popularity, Ireland married physician Greg Olsen and had three children. Ireland pointed out that being pro-life is the same as being pro-science because one backs up the other, a point that radical leftist child-slayers really don’t want to acknowledge. 

“I didn’t want to be pro-life, it wasn’t part of my plan,” Ireland told Rose, “[but] once you know the truth, and you know a human being’s life is in danger, nothing else matters.”

Ireland is clearly a person who looks at the facts and allows them to lead her where they logically go, and that is a rare thing in our modern era. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Go where the truth leads. Simple, right? No doubt progressives would say that they believe in that same concept; however, there’s one unspoken caveat: go where the truth leads, as long as where it leads is what the elites tell you to believe.

Here’s more from the report:

The mother-of-three, calling herself a “slow learner,” recalled to Rose when she first started to understand that life began at conception. Ireland, who formerly identified as a pro-choice Christian, said she called Planned Parenthood and asked them for their best arguments for abortion. She said they didn’t have any compelling argument to offer, and knew she had to fight for the most vulnerable.

“Once you know the truth, it’s hard to un-know it,” she stated. Rose then asked the former model what her experience as an advocate for pro-life causes has been like while being in Hollywood. 

Ireland replied, “I was told this would kill my career.” However, while she received a ton of pushback for being outspoken in support of the cause, she said that was “irrelevant” for her. 

“There’s been a lot of pushback from it, yet it is so irrelevant when we’re talking about a human life,” Ireland explained to Rose. She recounted a time a few years ago when liberal talk show host Bill Maher invited her on his program. She said she’d only appear if they talked about genuine issues, such as abortion and pro-life topics, and didn’t just chit-chat about nothing important. She wanted to ensure her appearance had substance, which is very admirable. 

“I had business colleagues say, ‘Just don’t even touch this subject,’ ‘This will kill your career.’ And I was like, no, if I have an opportunity to speak about life, of course, I’m gonna take it, I don’t care if the career is killed,” the former model remarked. “We’re talking about a baby being killed!”

“If our business goes down the toilet, so be it,” Ireland said to her former business partner. “If one woman watching cancels her appointment, it is so worth it.”

“The Lord will provide,” Ireland added, “it’s gonna work out.”

Las Vegas News Magazine

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