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By Chris Lott


The world can be a torrent place. It seems there’s no solace for those that try to deal with it by their own devices. Looking for answers here and there can be confusing and misleading at best. Many obsessing over non-controllable events.

To make things worse, the progressive ideology of family and personal identities are being forced upon us without any thought to the impact of insecurity to many. Religious freedoms are being diluted which has been historically safe places for many. Fairness, justice and mercy are all but gone it seems. All in all we find ourselves feeling a lowliness of spirit, fading hope and obsessed by negativity.

Are you obsessing?

As I get older, mortality realization has prioritized what I am willing to invest my precious time in. I watch others fret and stew over the world’s desires and directions. I have been caught in this trap as well. Is it worth the time and obsession? It’s not.

I no longer take the time to obsess over these distractions any longer. Don’t get me wrong, I follow current events and interact with those that are interested in my opinions. But I don’t obsess. I purposefully shut down the worldly white noise from time to time to honestly spend time with my family and friends. To be of service to others without any thought to payback and gain. I also work on my creative and physical/health talents. But most importantly I work on my relationship with Heavenly Father. To understand and feel that He knows me personally is a great distraction from the world and its obsessions.

To know that no matter what happens in this life I have a constant companion is a great comfort. It gives me hope regardless of frustrations. It helps me be a better husband, dad and friend. It gives me peace of mind. A truly valuable gift in trying times.

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