Stockes on War Room: Speaker McCarthy is Lying to the American People About J6


Last Updated on September 7, 2023

National File reporter Frankie Stockes joined Steve Bannon’s War Room to discuss Speaker McCarthy’s epic failures. Despite possessing the power of the purse, McCarthy has provided funding for the new FBI headquarters, failed to defund the witch hunts against Trump and his supporters, and failed to release the J6 tapes as promised. Unless something drastic changes, vacating the chair seems to be the only option.

Stockes and Bannon discussed how Speaker Kevin McCarthy helped Joe Biden flip the narrative on J6 by failing to release the J6 tapes as promised. Worse, McCarthy worked with Biden to overhaul the Capitol Police Board, creating an incredibly dangerous situation for any Trump supporter visiting D.C. and allowing the J6 narrative to be completely controlled by the Biden Democrats.

Bannon and Stockes then delved into the fact that despite having the power of the purse, Speaker McCarthy has approved funding to build a massive FBI headquarters in Northern Virginia. This as Speaker McCarthy failed to defund the witch hunts against Trump and his supporters. McCarthy’s funding of the Deep State should come as no surprise.

McCarthy has always been a tool of the Deep State. In 2022, McCarthy intentionally threw the election to prevent a populist takeover in Congress. McCarthy accomplished this task by using FTX funds to fund globalist candidates against America First candidates like Laura Loomer.

Their conversation ended with Bannon asking Stockes for a call to action. Stockes encouraged people to contact their GOP members of Congress and demand that they support a Motion to Vacate the Chair.

In a recent exclusive, Matt Gaetz told National File that McCarthy will release the J6 tapes. However, talk is cheap. The American people demand Speaker McCarthy take meaningful action.

As Congress returns from the August recess, expect a GOP leadership fight unless Speaker McCarthy puts forth legislation that defunds the Trump witch hunts and releases the J6 tapes.

Stay with National File as this critically important story continues to develop.

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