State University Offers Free Clothes to Help Students Change Their Gender


Not long ago, it was considered cool to come out of the closet. But now, those on culture’s cutting edge are going back in.

Such is the case at the University of North Dakota (UND), where students eyeing an opposite-sex wardrobe don’t have to visit T.J. Maxx. Rather than cluttering their own closets, they can raid a community coffer.

Via, an innovative opening has been announced:

The Gender Expression Closet was created to provide access to free identify-affirming clothing for UND students. The closet helps support trans, non-binary, and gender-diverse students feel comfortable and validated so they can be their authentic selves while pushing forward in their education.

Thanks to diverse donation, enrollees can see what suits them.

[The Closet] is located in the Pride Center (Memorial Union 204). Stop by the Pride Center and browse through the collection and take what feels affirming to you. There are single-user gender inclusive restrooms located next to the Pride Center to try items on.

So if you’re a Person With a Penis who’s sick of your gentlemen’s jeans, make a break for Memorial and a muumuu. And if you’re a potential Birthing Person on the prowl for less girly garb, a three-piece suit might be just what the gender-affirming doctor ordered.

But since the items are free to borrow, don’t be surprised if heteronormativity hogs it all:

While this resource centers on trans, nonbinary, and gender-diverse students, it can be used by any student.

Hopefully, that won’t happen; the Closet is fighting frivolous use:

Our intention is that students come in and take the items they need the most, this looks different for every student. We ask that people refrain from taking items for hobbies such as drag or cosplay.

UND isn’t the only educational institution offering culturally-sensitive, costless clothes; consider the University of Pennsylvania’s recently-launched Clothing Closet. From a school website write-up:

Button-downs, black leather jackets, summer jumpers, and stacks of sweatshirts were neatly folded, stacked organized into sections in a meeting room in the LGBT Center, ready for the Center’s inaugural Clothing Swap & Drop. The event kicked off the new Clothing Closet, which will be a permanent community resource.

Housed in the LGBT Center’s lounge area, the closet will be open to the public starting on Nov. 28 on Mondays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 6 to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays. Students, faculty, staff, and community members are welcome to drop off used, freshly laundered clothing or peruse the racks to take a new outfit home.

Across American campuses, LGBT provision is popping:

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As for breast binding, the University of North Dakota is flat-out friendly:

Binders are a form of gender affirming care and we try to keep a stock available to students. If you are wanting a binder, please visit with the Pride Center Director to see if we have any in stock. Points of Pride is an online resource that also provides free chest binders.

Now accepting:

  • New chest binders
  • Accessories
  • Gift Cards (gift cards help support more individual needs for specific sizes such as for shoes, binders, coats, undergarments, etc.)

It’s a new world, and a new idea of secondary education. If you’re new to school and dreaming of new duds, UND’s complimentary clothes have you covered.

And if you and a friend move to remove your muumuu and throw down your three-piece, accommodation awaits as well:

The Pride Center also keeps a stock of menstrual products, condoms, satin dams, lubricants, and safe sex kits.



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