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Russell Brand continues to regale millions daily with his podcasts, delivering an endless stream of words that are interesting, entertaining, and that (most importantly) piss off the ruling-class globalist elites. They hate him and have tried to destroy him, but he’s the podcasting energizer bunny.

I do not spend enough time listening to his or any podcast. I’ve not yet managed my time well enough to loop those into my day. But I catch Brand’s brand now and then, and yesterday, while walking the wilds of the webby world, my digital travels landed me on Rumble, and there he was. Brand was talking about Elon Musk, who had responded to a question about the risk of losing advertisers by saying they could leave. His point was that the threat of lost revenue wouldn’t move him off course. If you thought you could leverage him with the threat of lost revenues, you could “go F***k Yourself.” He said it. Three times, I think.

Brand leveraged that into a point we don’t quite make as well here as we’d like, despite much effort trying. Uncensored free speech and free press are so crucial in the age of government-captured media that everyone needs to find and support folks like Musk (or the ‘Grok) defending it without regard to the risk. Align with them. Read, watch, share, encourage.

The time has come to create alliances with people willing to stand up against the establishment (Clip: 55 sec.).



We agree, and no one is suggesting we’re the best at this, but we have a reputation for being direct and often brutal, and we don’t care where you work, who for, or to which political party you claim an affiliation. Attacks on free speech, free press, property, and privacy will be met with resistance.

Unlike Musk, we have to ask (beg) for financial support, and we appreciate every dime but continue to need to raise funds every month, all year round, to keep the wheels on our bus well lubricated and the engine firing on all cylinders. As noted in the Giving Tuesday mail, there are a few ways to do that.



Share ‘Grok content with friends, in online groups, and in your own social feeds, like and share our social updates, keep track of your local political hijinks and share that with us as a letter to the editor or some inside baseball we can pursue in our own stories. And, of course, donations. If we reach our goal, then I can spend more time on research, writing, reporting, growing audience, and site updates and less on trying to raise a salary and operating costs.

So many of you have been beyond generous, and maybe you can’t give again until next year, but if you help spread the word, we will get in front of people who can give or give more.

We’re not backing down, and we’ll always try to have your back, but we need each other. We are an alliance against the establishment, and after what happened during COVID, building these relationships, these partnerships, is more important than ever, and Brand nailed that on the head.


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