Speaker Cheney?


Last Updated on October 18, 2023

As Congress heads into another day of voting for Speaker, strong evidence is emerging that the uniparty House GOP members holding out on Jordan and House Dem members are looking to install a Speaker they can control. This individual may be Liz Cheney. NationalFile obtained exclusive footage of Eric Swalwell, not denying the fact that House Dems are working with Jordan holdout Don Bacon to install a UniParty Speaker.

Jamie Raskin told MSNBC that House Democrats are strongly considering nominating Liz Cheney to the Speakership. A Cheney Speakership makes sense for the Uniparty as Don Bacon, who takes donations from Adam Kinzinger, is one of the leaders of the “Never Jordan” movement.


NationalFile reporter Charles Downs asked Eric Swalwell if House Democrats were working with Don Bacon and the other “Never Jordan” holdouts to install a Speaker Democrats can control. Swalwell did not deny to Downs that this was the case.

NationalFile has also obtained footage of “Never Trumper” Steve Womack trashing Jim Jordan’s speakership chances. Womack is 1 of the 20 Republicans against Jordan. Womack’s trashing of Jordan makes sense, as the 20 Republicans against Jordan want to kill Jordan’s candidacy so somone like Liz Cheney can be installed.

Prior to Tuesday’s Speaker vote, Reps Warren Davidson and Thomas Massie confirmed via a post on X that the 20 “Never Jordan” holdouts are working with House Dems to select a Speaker. Massie wrote on X, “I agree. A majority is a terrible thing to waste. I will not vote to join a coalition with Hakeem Jeffries. I will vote for Jim Jordan.”

It would only take all 212 House Democrats plus 5 House Republicans voting for Liz Cheney for Ms. Cheney’s Speakership to become a reality. Trump supporters have been encouraged to call their members of Congress and demand that they vote for Jim Jordan for Speaker.

Stay with NationalFile for continuing coverage of the speaker vote.

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