America is being invaded by millions of people from all over the world. As a result, American lives are being lost to crime, violence, and fentanyl overdoses. As the government deliberately neglects to uphold its constitutional duty to secure the border and protect the states against invasion, a group of dedicated protesters embarks on a cross-country journey, organizing multi-city rallies to raise awareness of the immigration crisis.

In this interview with JP, Kim Yeater, one of the organizers of the convoy, talks about the mission and goal of the assembly, stressing its peaceful and lawful nature and outlining strict security protocols for identifying and expelling any potential provocateurs and bad actors to make sure the convoy is not subverted, similar to the January 6 protests.

The immigration system is broken on purpose, believes Yeater, noting that a wide-open border is part of the sweeping global agenda of the one-world government.

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