Soros-Funded Watchdog Sues to Keep Trump from Running in Colorado


A leftist-leaning watchdog group filed a lawsuit aimed at blocking former President Trump from the 2024 ballot in Colorado. They claim he’s unqualified due to the 14th Amendment.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a lawsuit Wednesday on behalf of six Republican and unaffiliated voters in Colorado that include former federal, state and local officials. The group alleged that Trump violated the oath of office by “recruiting, inciting and encouraging a violent mob that attacked the Capitol on January 6, 2021 in a futile attempt to remain in office.”

CREW is a partially Soros-funded leftist organization. All big donors are leftists.

The Soros family recently said they will do whatever they can to stop Donald Trump. George Soros, a hardcore leftist, believes MAGA will destroy the country.

CREW is based in DC and claims the 14th Amendment, Section 3, prevents Donald Trump from running because they think he is an insurrectionist.

Donald Trump

“If the very fabric of our democracy is to hold, we must ensure that the Constitution is enforced and the same people who attacked our democratic system not be put in charge of it,” CREW President Noah Bookbinder said in a statement.

“We aren’t bringing this case to make a point, we’re bringing it because it is necessary to defend our republic both today and in the future,” he continued. “While it is unprecedented to bring this type of case against a former president, January 6th was an unprecedented attack that is exactly the kind of event the framers of the 14th Amendment wanted to build protections in case of. You don’t break the glass unless there’s an emergency.”

It’s not likely they believe the 14th Amendment applies, but the idea is probably to drain the campaign of funds. It is also meant to demonize Donald Trump.

The leftists got a lot out of a riot on Jan. 6. Upholding the Constitution is the opposite of what leftists want to do, but they do know how to exploit it to push their unconstitutional agenda.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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