‘Somebody’s Off The Meds’: Jennifer Rubin Blames GOP For Hamas Attack, Gets Roasted | JP


Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin took some serious backlash on Saturday after she suggested in an X post that the GOP was somehow responsible for creating the conditions that led to Hamas’ unprovoked attack on Israel.

Rubin appeared to be lashing out at Republicans, many of whom had suggested that President Joe Biden’s failures in foreign policy — particularly the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021 and the recent deal freeing up $6 billion in Iranian oil money — had ultimately led to the attack on Israel, a close ally.

“How about this: With US House in chaos and US military promotions on hold, Hamas struck. Republicans’ weakness invites terror,” Rubin posted.

“You seriously think this operation was planned in a week and that the principal variables in the decision were Hamas’s fear of Kevin McCarthy & some US generals not getting promoted?” Dan McLaughlin posted.

“Yeah, those young angry men half a world away were just waiting for our House of Representatives to be leaderless over a holiday weekend in order to take action,” another posted. “How about this: You’re an idiot.”

“Hamas struck because someone didn’t get another gold star?” Margot Cleveland wondered.

“Somebody’s off the meds,” added Real Clear Politics co-founder and president Tom Bevan.

“The crap is wrong with you? First of all, Hamas was not sitting around waiting for the GOP to do a song and dance to start a blood-lust hatred for the Jews,” @Artist_Angie posted. “And 2nd of all if ANYONE showed weakness it was Joe ‘Let’s leave a crap ton of military equipment in Afghanistan and flee’ Biden.”

“You are a heinous traitor to your people,” Ben Domenech said.

“Look, I’m no Republican and the fact that military promotions are on hold is horrific, but Hamas definitely doesn’t care. And as someone who actually worked with Mossad and Shin Bet, they don’t either,” former CIA and FBI agent Tracy Walder said.

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