‘Seriously?’ Here’s where the media spin on Biden allegations stands (for now)


Wow, we’ve come a long way since “I never talked to my son about his business dealings.”

“Never talked to my son about it” was, of course, a lie. This week we reached the “sure Biden’s address was listed as the beneficiary for checks sent to Hunter but the money wasn’t sent right to Joe’s house so nothing to see here” portion of Dem/media spin.

To follow that up, a Wall Street Journal investigation found that Biden’s family was making big bucks off his name for a long time, but there’s no evidence that Joe personally benefited: 

“Did not turn up evidence that Biden himself benefited”? 

Perhaps the impeachment inquiry will find some.

From the WSJ:

Joe Biden built his political brand on his working-class roots. Over that time, members of his family capitalized on his political success by invoking the Biden name to bolster their business pursuits in deals worth millions of dollars.

A Wall Street Journal examination shows that the practice extended beyond his son Hunter Biden. The president’s younger brothers—James and Francis Biden—sought to profit from their blood connection to the politician, according to interviews and public records.


The Journal’s examination of President Biden’s relatives’ dealings didn’t turn up evidence that he benefited from the business enterprises that relied on his name. But on at least a few occasions before his presidency, Joe Biden was more present in his family’s business dealings than he or they have acknowledged.


Democrats might point to this story and say it exonerates Biden, but it doesn’t:

That’s exactly what Jonathan Turley testified during the first House Oversight Committee impeachment inquiry hearing this week.

Perhaps former district attorneys who have a lot of experience prosecuting mobsters should be brought in because they know how the game is played.

If Biden’s family was “trading on his name” for decades, then Joe obviously would have known about it, which seems pretty corrupt to us.

In other words, exactly how it happened. 

Unbelievably, that’s where things stand at the moment.

If your family makes big money off your name, don’t you by default benefit from it even if your own name was never on any of the incoming checks?

We’d laugh if that didn’t seem so very likely to happen.


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