Serial Plagiarist Biden Ripped Obama in 2010 for Having ‘No Grace’ in Allegedly Copying Joe’s Speeches


Over the course of Joe Biden’s 50 years in Washington, D.C., he has firmly and repeatedly established two clear patterns: he lies with reckless abandon, and he plagiarizes like a champ. Not a joke, Jack.

Here’s a partial list of Biden’s plagiaristic “work.”

As a student at Syracuse Law School in 1965, Biden plagiarized 5-pages from a law review journal “without quotation or attribution.”

During his failed 1988 presidential campaign, Biden plagiarized from speeches by British politician Neil Kinnock, Robert Kennedy, and President John F. Kennedy.

[In 2019] Biden’s campaign used “word-for-word” language from other groups as part of his climate and education policy paper.

Biden’s “Build Back Better” slogan was a phrase coined by Bill Clinton in 2006.

And just in early September, Harvard Law School alum Roger Severino accused Biden of plagiarizing an article he wrote more than two decades ago. 

Severino said he was working as a junior editor at the Harvard Journal of Legislation in 2000 when he found multiple instances of Biden copying in an essay the then-Delaware senator wrote defending the Violence Against Women Act. 

Oh, the Irony!

So during a 2010 email exchange between then-Vice President Biden and his crackhead son, Hunter, the dynamic duo ripped then-President Barack Obama for allegedly plagiarizing Joe, of all people, in a speech. The irony couldn’t be more delicious.

On Sept. 7, 2010 — one day after Obama gave a pro-union speech in Milwaukee — Hunter quoted the then-president in an email to Joe’s then-personal account, [email protected].

Interesting language from the President: ‘They (his grandparent) [sic] would tell me about seeing their fathers or uncles losing their jobs…how it wasn’t just a loss of a paycheck that stung. It was the blow to their dignity, their sense of self worth.’ [sic] Wonder where he got that from? Im surprised he didn’t finish with the long walk up a short flight of stairs. Pretty amazing.

Yeah, pretty amazing. Hunter obviously “forgot” about his dad’s long history of lifting speeches verbatim (such as the Neil Kinnock speech). Oh, wait— you don’t suppose Hunter arrogantly thought it was perfectly fine for a Biden to lie and plagiarize, do you? 

In response to Hunter’s email, Joe wrote: “No grace.” 

Here’s the thing: Joe Biden accusing anyone of plagiarism defies logic. Ah, but it doesn’t defy the lack of ethics, not to mention lack of conscience, of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. 

The Bottom Line

While some — on the left, that is — summarily dismiss Biden’s decades-long history of plagiarism and “confusion” (blatant lies) about “unimportant” things (such as his often-repeated account of an Amtrak conductor), as irrelevant, the complete opposite is true. 

Biden’s lies and misrepresentations have continued throughout his disastrous presidency. 

From blaming skyrocketing gas prices on Russia’s Vladimir Putin to likening Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans to “semi-fascists” to ridiculously claiming Bidenomics has been a resounding success, America’s 46th president has been — and remains — as dishonest as they come. 

Even for a Democrat.

2024 matters. Let’s not screw it up.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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