SEO Jobs in Plano, TX (2024 Case Study)


As part of our comprehensive analysis of the SEO job market in 2024, we evaluated 241 job postings in Plano, TX, a significant hub within the Dallas, TX, metropolitan area.This detailed examination is part of a larger study that surveyed 100 cities and 9,365 job postings throughout the United States.Here’s what we discovered:Key TakeawaysThe average annual salary for SEO professionals in Plano is $64,573.27.58.4% of SEO job listings in Plano require candidates to have mid-level experience.Educational requirements are high, with 95% of SEO positions in Plano requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher.The Average Annual Salary for SEO Jobs in Plano is $64,573.27 (0.84% Higher Than the National Average)SEO professionals in Plano, including SEO Specialists and Digital Marketing Managers, earn an average salary of $64,573.27, slightly above the national average of $64,032.The salary distribution for SEO positions in Plano, TX, is as follows:$50,000 and $59,999: 33.0%$60,000 and $69,999: 28.0%$70,000 or more: 39.0%This structure indicates that a significant portion of the workforce in Plano, TX, earns salaries competitive with or exceeding many other regions in the US.Some job descriptions posted in Plano, TX, were from companies like Jani-King International Inc., GunMag Warehouse, Fisher Investments, Smith Clinesmith, and various local SEO companies.Plano Offers 157% More SEO Job OpportunitiesPlano, TX, shows a robust job market with precisely 241 SEO job opportunities analyzed, significantly more than the national average extracted from 9,365 SEO job listings.This positions Plano as a leading city for SEO jobs in TX, offering career opportunities that are varied and promising.58.4% of SEO Jobs in Plano, TX, Require Mid-Level ExperienceTypically, experience is categorized in three ways: entry, mid, and senior-level expertise.For Plano, TX, more than half, 58.4% of SEO jobs require mid-level experience, making it an ideal city for SEO Specialists looking to advance their careers and apply effective marketing strategies.Regarding entry-level, it’s 25.6%, a somewhat healthy amount, and for senior-level, 15.9%.Almost 95% of All SEO Jobs in Plano Require a Bachelor’s Degree or HigherFor SEO, most companies in Plano, TX, require you to have a bachelor’s degree (45.8%) or master’s degree (49.1%), which is a testament to the city’s status as an equal-opportunity employer.It’s scarce if the job only requires you to have a high school diploma (1.8%) or associate degree (3.3%).For Doctorate, at the time of performing this research, no job listing stated this as a requirement.Top 5 SEO Skills in Demand in PlanoPlano’s most in-demand SEO skills highlight the diverse expertise needed to succeed in the field:SEO: Proficiency in on-page, off-page, and technical SEO (including SEO audit), XML sitemaps, along with search engine algorithms and SEO tools.Social Media Marketing: Skills in all social media channels, content creation, content optimization, audience engagement, and social media analytics.Keyword Research: Identify high-impact keywords and use research tools and data analysis skills.Marketing Automation: Knowledge of CRM software for task automation and customer journey personalization.Performance Marketing: Expertise in data analysis, conversion optimization, and web analytics.This also depends on the job listing itself. You may need other skills, such as communication skills, Google Analytics, and an understanding of best practices in social media management.It all depends on the company’s SEO strategy and related field. Maybe they need a search engine optimization analyst, an SEO market researcher, someone who understands CRM tools, or an e-commerce manager with SEO knowledge.Whatever it may be, if you can fulfill these requirements, you’ll be an ideal candidate.ConclusionIn Plano, SEO professionals find a dynamic job market, with 241 job opportunities that exceed the national average by 157%.Alongside this, mid-level experience is in high demand, with 58.4% of positions seeking professionals offering SEO services with this level of expertise.Plano is a city that values skilled SEO practitioners, particularly those who can demonstrate proficiency in the top 5 in-demand skills.As such, it presents a promising landscape for career growth in the SEO sector, making TX jobs a destination for SEO experts and those aspiring to join a marketing team.One last note: if this seems overwhelming, you should consider getting an SEO career mentor or learning an SEO training curriculum like Gotch SEO Academy.You may also like:

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